Monday, 10 June 2019

LNER J21 (NER Class C): Available Now!

As the title, the LNER J21 (NER Class C) is now available over at Steam Sounds Supreme

For anyone who would like to see the manual before buying, it can be downloaded here

Friday, 24 May 2019

LNER J21 (NER Class C): Pre-orders opening soon

With the J21 pre-orders just around the corner at Steam Sounds Supreme we wanted to give a quick final update of everything that comes with the pack.

From the manual:
  • Simple, Standard and Advanced driving modes
  • Xbox controller support SIMPLE AND STANDARD MODES
  • LNER J21 (NER Class C) Locomotive
    • Liveries include Compound, Saturated and Superheated engine variants as appropriate to the eras
    • NER Green Livery
    • NER Lined Black Livery
    • NER Unlined Black Livery
    • LNER Early Unlined Black livery
    • LNER Late Unlined Black livery
    • LNER Post-War Black Livery
    • British Railways 1948-50 Livery
      • Clean and Dirty
    • British Railways 1950-56 Livery
      • Clean and Dirty
    • British Railways 1956-67 Livery
      • Clean and Dirty
    • Preserved NER Livery
  • Numerous optional parts and fittings covering 70 years of service
  • Custom sound sets inside and out from the experts at Steam Sounds Supreme
  • Realistic cab with multiple views, including dual “head out” and fully modelled firebox and coal
  • Realistic wheel slip physics and effects ADVANCED MODE
  • Simulated steam chest ADVANCED MODE
  • Realistic types of braking including; steam, air, vacuum and combined ADVANCED MODE
  • Cylinder cock management  ADVANCED MODE
  • Boiler management with priming possible ADVANCED MODE 
  • Realistic injector control ADVANCED MODE 
  • Realistic “by the shovel” stoking with synchronised sound ADVANCED MODE
  • Dynamic steam and smoke colour and quantity
  • Realistic boiler water gauges effected by gradient, acceleration and speed and with blow down test
  • Opening windows (with rain effects) and roof hatch
  • Dynamic lamp setting
  • Cab light effects including flickering firebox glow
  • Atmospheric AI effects

  • NER Clerestory Coaches
    • Composite
      • NER Plum
      • LNER Teak
    • Brake 3rd
      • NER Plum
      • LNER Teak
    • All coaches have dynamic lamps

  • 6 Scenarios for the Weardale & Teesdale Network Route Add-on
  • 52 Quick Drive consists with appropriate stock
  • More scenarios will be released at a later date and free of charge using the upcoming Stainmore, Shap and Eden Valley Route from Steam Sounds Supreme

We will post in the usual places once pre-orders are available and we very much hope that you will enjoy our latest locomotive and rolling stock pack.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Train Simulator 10th Anniversary Sale

Well how time flies! 10 years ago Kuju Rail Simulator was given a much needed overhaul (including finally adding steam engine chuffs!), renamed Railworks and released on the Steam store. Since then it became Train Simulator, and Train Simulator 20xx, TSX graphics were added, lots of script functions added allowing more and more advanced locomotives to be created - our very own 56xx being the first advanced steam engine in Railworks having been inspired by seeing the advanced diesels that were being built in those early days.

So to celebrate an amazing 10 years of train simming fun, let's have that rarest of things - A SALE! Huzzah!
The sale runs from today until May 20th.

The Peppercorn K1, GWR Small Prairies and Stroudley A1/A1X Terriers are 60% off, the other packs listed are 50% off including the enormous USATC S160 pack and the gas turbine powered oddity GT3 Prototype that drives like nothing else available in Train Simulator to date.

Click this link to see all of our DLC on Steam or click on an image below to view a particular pack or
click this link to see all of our DLC on the Dovetail Store which provides a Steam key you can add to your account but without us having to pay Steam any fees!

GWR 1000 County Class - 50% off
LNER Peppercorn K1 - 60% off
GWR Small Prairies - 60% off
LNER Raven Q6 - 50% off
Stroudley A1/A1X Class 'Terrier' - 60% off
USATC S160 - 50% off
GT3 Gas Turbine Prototype - 50% off
GWR Steam Railmotor - 50% off
Southern Bulleid Q1 - 50% off

Friday, 10 May 2019

LNER J21 (NER Class C): British Railways Livery, In Game

This week we take a final look at the J21 liveries under British Railways.
82 of the J21's became owned by BR in 1948 when they were renumbered by adding 60000 to their existing LNER numbers.
The original livery was a simple "British Railways" in plain text on the tender.

In 1950 the famous "cycling lion" emblem was introduced.

Although a new BR emblem was rolled out in 1956 only 1 of the J21's, No. 65033, ever carried it after pulling a rail tour in 1960. The other remaining engines kept the 1956 emblem and were left to fall into a poor state.

And this is the appearance in the following images. Still working hard but with none of the daily care and polish given to locomotives in years past the J21's (like many others in the twilight era of British steam engines) became dull, rusty and their numbers and logos barely visible. I always think that it must have been a sad time for those who worked with them when it happened but since then it has become one of the most popular eras to recreate, especially in railway modelling.

Finally we have the preserved livery sported by No. 65033, as No. 876, in the early 1970's with the overly large NER logo on the tender and the cab site plate strangely off-centre.

We are delighted that Steam Sounds Supreme are currently working on one of their incredible sound sets for the engines and work is also nearing completion on the accompanying coaches. More news soon.

Friday, 3 May 2019

LNER J21 (NER Class C): LNER Livery, In Game

This week we are taking a look at the NER Class C, or as it became the LNER J21 under the London & North Eastern Railway.

But first off a quick update from last week. As spotted by Daniel Chambers the version we showed in NER Green was actually the 1970's preserved version of No. 876 and the original version differed from this in a few ways. So here is the corrected version of the NER Green livery - and of course the preserved version will also be included separately.

Our thanks to Daniel for bringing this to our attention and working with us to track down the specific differences.

So, onto the LNER. The first LNER livery was a simple unlined black with the engine number on the tender below the company initials.

Later this was changed with the loco number moving to the side of the cab replacing the small plaque and just the lettering on the tender (We imagine this made it much easier to swap tenders between engines as they didn't require repainting every time!)

From 1941 to 1945 the tender lettering was simplified to NE (a war time cost/time cutting measure?) and the buffers were painted black.

After the war and until British Railways took over the details on tender, cab side and buffer beam were replaced with the much simpler single colour lettering but the black buffers remained.

And that takes us all the way to 1948. Next week we will look at the final years of the J21's during their service under British Railways.

Friday, 26 April 2019

LNER J21 (NER Class C): First Look In Game

Apologies for the long delay, many things seem to have conspired against us recently but everything is now back on course and forging ahead at full speed.

We are very happy to be able to show you the LNER J21 as it was first built as the NER Class C1 (and short lived Class C Compound versions).

Built between 1886 to 1894 the Class C (Compounds) and Class C1 (Saturated) engines were turned out in NER lined green. Although having minimal differences externally the compounds had a very different sound with 2 of the beats slightly delayed creating a very distinct chimney rhythm.

In 1903 the NER moved to a lined black livery, with N.E.R. lettering on the tender.

During this period all of the Compound C Class engines were converted to the Saturated C1 Class, which was then renamed to C Class! Also during this period some engines were fitted with superheated boilers - this process continued for many years, with engines frequently swapping their boilers back and forth and therefore their saturated or superheated status changed frequently.

From 1917 until grouping in 1923 the lining was stopped and engines were turned out in plain black, with a smaller plaque on the side of cab and the engine number now between the N and E on the tender.

The cab seen here is for an engine which only carries a basic steam brake - later combinations of steam brakes, air brakes, vacuum brakes and combined brakes all featured on the J21's and are part of the 200 engines covering 9 eras that will be available in the final pack.

Next week we'll take a look at the Class C when it became known as the LNER J21.

EXTRA: And here is a quick sneak peek at work in progress on some NER Clerestory coaches which will also be included in the pack.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Steam Easter Sale 2019

So what's the best way to follow a sale on the Dovetail Store? The exact same sale but on Steam apparently!

From today until the 29th April Steam is running a sale on some of our add-ons and for the first time it includes the hugely popular GWR Pannier Tanks at 25% off.

Click this link to see all of our DLC on Steam or click on an image below to view a particular pack.

Note: As usual in the first few hours of any sale Steam will have a complete meltdown as so many people try to access it with some sale prices not showing or the site being completely unavailable - you may need to refresh the page if it doesn't show some of the offers or maybe wait for tomorrow when it's settled down.

GWR Pannier Tanks - 25% off

GWR Large Prairies - 50% off

GWR Saint Class & Travelling Post Office - 50% off

GWR 14xx - 50% off

GWR 56xx - 50% off