Friday, 26 September 2014

GWR Small Prairies: First look

First of all, apologies for the delay on the 14xx/48xx Autocoach release. It is still "in a queue" and although I was hoping it would be released yesterday it didn't happen.
I really appreciate your patience on this and thank you all for the excitement and encouragement you continue to show. I'll continue to push for it's release as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here is the first picture of Work In Progress for the GWR small prairies pack/s.

This is the 4575 variant of the GWR prairie with the larger side tanks. The packs will also include the 4500 with smaller tanks, and the original 4400 which had smaller driving wheels, all with numerous variations that they had including: curved and square frames, smokebox pipes, coal bunker guard, etc.
Liveries planned are GWR green with all logos, BR black and BR lined green. The BR 4575's and preserved GWR 4575's will be have the option to be autofitted (which will be compatible with the 14xx/48xx autocoaches - when they come out!) and there may be a bonus livery as well.
Accompanying stock will be a brand new selection of GWR freight stock and possibly a BR diagram Autocoach.

All the features you have come to expect from Victory Works will be included - steam chest simulation, accurate wheel slip, realistic controls and operation, 3D firebox, numerous optional parts selected per loco, etc.
I'm also delighted to announce that the sounds for the locos will be provided by Steam Sounds Supreme who have a history of excellent work in this area.

In light of the quantity it is likely to release in 2 packs. I'm not sure how it will be split as yet but I hope that the 2 packs will cover every variant and style that you could ever want.

More details and progress images to follow soon.

And the release date for the 14xx/48xx the very second that I know it!

Friday, 19 September 2014

The next project: (Obvious) Clue 3

So here is the final "clue", although it's so blatant I might as well have told you :-)

So I will. The "thing" that all the clues referred to was the TV series, Little House on the Prairie.

To reveal the clues:
Hugh Laurie (in the picture as Prince George in Blackadder III) also plays the character House in the series of the same name.
Sammy Davis Jr being told he is S M all, small.. or little!
The first pictures were a Union Jack and a Suzuki Bandit, and then some dogs. Jack and Bandit were the names of the family dogs in the TV series.

So with a leaning towards the Great Western Railway that brings us neatly to 1 of these.. or 2.. or 3.

Work In Progress images and more details to follow soon.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Steam DLC Sale - HALF PRICE!

To coincide with the Train Simulator 2015 update a lot of the DLC is on sale and all Victory Works addons are 50% off.. yup, that is HALF PRICE!

The sale is only on until Monday (September 22nd) so grab them while you can.

GWR 56xx Loco Add-on

GWR Steam Railmotor Loco Add-on

Bulleid Q1 Class Loco Add-on

Also, in a new blog post tomorrow the next loco (and the answer to all the clues!) will be revealed.

Friday, 12 September 2014

The next project: Clue 2

There have been some really interesting guesses so far, most of them trying to apply the images directly to a type of locomotive. I can say that is the wrong route to go down.. the images all point to another "thing" and once you know that, the loco will be very obvious indeed.

To help out here is another picture that links with the previous 2 images.

And to finish it off, another image and a video. All of these are clues to the "thing", and that will then very clearly tell you the locomotive.

So, have at it. I look forward to seeing peoples ideas and I'll reveal the answer soon followed by the first WIP images of said loco.

Friday, 5 September 2014

The next project: Clue 1

As it seems the in thing is to offer clues as to the next project from a developer, and because DTG are dragging their feet on releasing the 48xx/14xx and I'd rather not announce the next project until the last one is available...

... it's clue time!

So here is clue 1, a couple of pictures..

I'll probably only do a couple of these - this Friday and next Friday at the most. I'm not going to drag it out for weeks on end and I'll announce it whether the 48xx/14xx is out or not after that.

I look forward to people's guesses  :-)