Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Victory Works Locomotive Number Generator

Updated to Version 1.1, June 7th 2019
Note: If you are replacing version 1.0 please delete ALL previous files (you can leave the "SteamLocation.txt" file if you want to but delete EVERYTHING else).


We are very pleased to announce that after a short testing period we are releasing Version 1.0 of the Victory Works Locomotive Number Generator.

For those who missed our previous announcement, here is a quick recap..


One of the things you learn about steam engines, especially those that last a long time in service is that they change a lot during their lives. Better ways of doing things are developed and modifications are made to suit the engines uses.
With all of our loco add-ons we always try to reflect as many of these options as we can: safety bonnet styles, bunker steps, reverser types (lever or screw) are just some of the dozens of options we've created over the years. The way to set these options in game is to use the loco number in the scenario script using the Locomotive Numbering section from all our add-ons manuals, for example:

(from the GWR County manual) 

1. to 4. 4-digit locomotive number
5. to 7. 3-digit reporting number, use ### for no number
8. Headboard
•    0 - None
•    1 – The Cornishman
•    2 – Torbay Express
•    3 – The Mayflower
•    4 – Royal Duchy
9. Chimney
•    1 – Single
•    2 – Double
•    3 – Sheet steel double
10. Safety bonnet
•    1 – Polished
•    2 - Painted
11. Company logo
•    1 – GWR lettering (1942-47)
•    2 – British Railways lettering in GWR font (1948)
12. Lining – Yes or No
13. Power disc – Yes or No
14. Speedometer – Yes or No
15. Head code – Letter of the head code class (see Appendix), note: lower case for running tender first

e.g. 1012###0111YYN

As time has gone on these numbers have become more and more complex and people have told us that they are beginning to struggle to make sense of all of the available choices. And due to the complexity and detail that we love to provide they are not getting any shorter.. one of the GWR Pannier Tanks that we are working on at the moment will have a number that is 25 digits long! That is a lot to fiddle about with and has the potential for getting it wrong in a small way that can completely change the loco's set up.

Although all of our add-ons can be used "out of the box" and have prototypical numbers already set we also know you all like to set them up just the way that you want. We have heard the feedback loud and clear.


For those who like to jump right in, here is the Dropbox link to download the program
Click the "Download" button in the top right corner and save it somewhere you can find it again. Then unzip the files anywhere you please, double click the "Victory Works - Loco Number Generator.exe" file.

The first time the program runs it will attempt to discover your default Train Simulator installation folder - this is to check for which add-ons you own and also in future so it can scan new add-ons and automatically add the required files to make this program work with them.

If it finds the folder by itself you will see this pop up

If the folder can't be found you will be prompted to select it. You are looking for the Steam Railworks folder that contains the Railworks.exe program.

After this you will be presented with the main window where you can initially select the add-on that you want to generate a number for.
All of our existing add-ons are listed (including the newly released GWR Pannier Tanks) and in future we will include the required files which will be automatically added by the program when you buy our new products.

Next select the specific livery you require. Please read these carefully as different liveries often have different number options.

Once you have chosen this you will be presented with a set of options for that specific class and livery. Some of these are text entry with advice on specific length requirements, others are drop down lists that you can click on and make a selection from.
As you make these changes the number in the box above will update to reflect the locomotive number that the game will be expecting. If you make any errors in entering these details (too few/many letters, etc.) the box will turn red to warn you that it is not a valid entry.

Once you are happy with your selections you then click the "Copy To Number Clipboard" which will save the number ready to be pasted into Train Simulator.

In Train Simulator, add the correct class and livery of engine and double click to bring up the locomotive details. Select the existing number and delete it, then hit Ctrl-V to paste in the generated number.

And that's it!

The download link is
Click the "Download" button in the top right corner and save it somewhere you can find it again. Then unzip the files anywhere you please, double click the "Victory Works - Loco Number Generator.exe" file.

We hope you find this a useful addition to our products. Do keep an eye on this blog, Facebook, UKTS forums, etc. for future changes and improvements to the Locomotive Number Generator and feel free to give us any feedback in the same places.

GWR Pannier Tanks Available Now!

The GWR Pannier Tanks Pack is now available on Steam

and on the Dovetail Store (where we don't have to pay Steam their cut!)

Includes the 5400, 6400, 7400 classes with 4 diagrams of BR autocoach. Also the 5700 class including the 8750 variants (Swindon and others) with numerous options to create them over their entire running lives and into preservation.