Monday, 6 August 2018

GWR Pannier Tanks: 54/64/7400 Beginnings

We've been pretty busy since the last update although we are about to take a couple of weeks off for a summer break, so rather than leave too long a silence we wanted to share some WIP images of the 54/64/7400 series of pannier tank.

As usual we begin with the basic shapes and get the wheels in place.

Then we start to add the larger parts for scaling.

Once that's complete then the detail can be added - here we see a view down onto the top of the boiler and tanks.

More parts are added.

And then we go to town with the rivet gun. We now have the basis for the 5400. The 64/7400 have smaller wheels and therefore smaller splashers, they also have differences to the front steps and cab styling (a square rear rather than curved) as well as optional parts including the top feed injector and brake hangers, all of which will be selectable for every engine in every class.

Note: We've no idea how we managed to forget the smokebox darts (staring at these things for a long time can do funny things to the mind!) but fear not, they are now added to the model!

After the summer break we'll have some pictures of the various options and of the cab, which is currently being worked on, and after that the BR autocoach and the seemingly endless variations of the 5700/8750 pannier tanks as well.