Friday, 2 August 2019

WD "Austerity" 2-8-0: Work in Progress, Footplate

With the engine and tender complete it's time to build the footplate.

The main shape came together quickly and we felt shares a common feeling with the BR standards that came some years later (although the ride on those was rather easier than the rough ride that the WD's gave to their crews).

Adding in the controls. The reverser seen here is the later BR version, the original being a double sided affair that had the nasty habit of coming up and smacking the fireman in the face if he wasn't paying attention!
That is if he wasn't helping to operate it! The reason for the double sided reverser was that the regulator was so stiff that it often required 2 people to crack it open and move it, a situation that was rectified with the BR modifications. Our pre-BR versions will feature the double sided reverser, however we won't insist that you fetch a friend or family member to your PC to operate them!

Finally the mass of pipework is added, making the whole scene very busy. In this version you can see 3 types of brakes - the engine steam brake, the UK added train vacuum brake and the original train air brake. Various combinations of these will be available with each prototype livery along with other options such as AWS (BR) and hinged external side windows.
Speaking of windows, as built the WD's had no side windows at all and when they returned to the UK after the war the crews insisted (almost to the point of refusing to work them) that the WD's should be fitted with them like all other "home" engines. So the companies (the big 4 and then BR) dutifully took the engines into the workshops and fitted them with sliding side windows.
However having looked at dozens (probably hundreds) of photographs of WD's in service we have yet to see a single engine running with it's windows closed, they are ALWAYS slid back out of the way!

Finally a couple of pictures of the cab in place in the engine.

We will now be performing the tedious task of getting everything unwrapped ready for texturing and then the less tedious job of beginning to paint the various liveries that will be included (yes, there will be a few!).
Add to this some holiday time and we may be a bit quiet for the next month but fear not, work will continue in the background and we look forward to bringing you the first pictures of the WD 2-8-0 in game in a few weeks time.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

WD "Austerity" 2-8-0: Work in Progress, Tender

Next up, the 8 wheeled tender used by the 2-8-0 and 2-10-0's.

Laying out the basic shape.

Adding the coal area and the footplate facing.

Although the sides are quite plain, as with most tenders, there is some nice detailing around the tender like the grab rails and lots of rivet'y goodness on the frames.
We also wanted to create a more typical coal pile for this tender, all heaped up at the back where it's been loaded.

So with that complete, what does it look like together with the engine?

Coming on nicely. Next job, the footplate!

Please note that with it being the summer these updates will more sporadic than we normally try to do and we will be away for some time as well so if you don't see anything for a while don't panic, everything is still on course :-)

Friday, 12 July 2019

WD "Austerity" 2-8-0: Work in Progress 2

Works continues on the WD 2-8-0 and the main addition has been the Westinghouse pump and brake gear.

And with another pass to check over the components and with lots of comparison to contemporary photographs the main model is complete.

There were a LOT of modifications to the WD's, from their war time original build to their use under the Big 4 (who all made different changes) on their return to the UK after WW2 and finally under British Railways.
Differences even on the original design include an oval build plate ("Vulcan Foundry" instead of the triangular "North British  Locomotive Company") and the raised rear sander filler caps - this type being fitted to a number of engines to allow the WD's to carry armour plating (although this never actually happened).
Also seen here are some changes that were present on the post-war Dutch versions - a raised chimney, external windows, local lamps, a cover on the clack valves and a ladder next to them. Having read about how very unreliable the cast clack valves were and how often a poor fireman had to climb up onto the hot boiler with no footholds and then re-seat them with a spanner you can't help but wonder if the ladders were the Dutch solution to this problem!

Next week we should have the WD's 5000 gallon tender to show.

Friday, 5 July 2019

WD "Austerity" 2-8-0: Work in Progress 1

Continuing on from last week..

The smokebox area is added, with a particularly nice looking saddle with its support struts. Top components are added including the distinctive short chimney, Gresley anti-vac, steam dome and safety valves.

Building the cab shape comes next.
Adding rivets is always a part of modelling I really enjoy, they really bring the plain shapes to life and as long as you're clever with rendering distances you can have lots with very little impact on performance. Lots of pipes and small details and it starts to look like a proper engine.

More detailing and pipework and that's us done for this week.

Next week we'll get round the other side and add the Westinghouse pump and associated pipework and put in place some pipes for the optional brake types and steam heating.

Friday, 28 June 2019

WD "Austerity" 2-8-0: Work is under way

The War Department (WD) "Austerity" 2-8-0 was a heavy freight locomotive that was introduced in 1943 for service during WW2. A total of 935 were built by the North British Locomotive Company and the Vulcan Foundry and all but 3 of them saw service with the British Army in mainland Europe after D-Day.

After the Second World War 200 of them were sold to the LNER and in 1948 533 more were purchased by the British Transport Commission for use by the newly formed British Railways. The 733 locomotives were renumbered 90000–90732 and were used almost entirely on freight services. Well over half the total number were always on the former LNER system, from East Anglia up to Scotland, and there was also a large number across the former Lancashire & Yorkshire railway depots. Some were initially used on the Southern Region, but later left there, while another smaller group was on the Western Region for much of their lives. The Scottish ones later spread from just the ex-LNER lines across the rest of the Region.
In 1946, 12 were exported to the British colony of Hong Kong to work the Kowloon-Canton Railway. Six were scrapped in 1956, but the final two survived until September 1962.
The other 184 locomotives remained in mainland Europe, mostly working in and around the Netherlands for Nederlandse Spoorwegen.
Finally, one went to the USATC in an exchange for a USATC S160 Class locomotive (that sounds familiar!) in the Postwar locomotive exchanges.

By the end of steam in Britain in 1967, 123 WD 2-8-0's were still in service however none of these were preserved. Fortunately one of the 935 engines has survived; WD No. 79257. This was returned to Britain via the Netherlands and Sweden and has been restored to original condition and given the BR number 90733.

The Victory Works model will be packed with features and options and will cover many of the variations and liveries that this class carried.
And yes, later on we will be making the 2-10-0 version as well!

So you know the drill by now, we always start with the wheels. These were rather fun to model having a really unusual and interesting design.

Frames and the basic boiler shape.

Cylinders (at a slightly jaunty angle!) and all of that lovely Walschaerts gear that will churn back and forth as she runs along.

And finally a quick video. Yes this loco will have fully animated gear as you move the reverser.
Note: Apologies to the purists that in the video the gear works backwards - it should be lowered for forwards with inside admission! This will obviously not be the case when we release it, this set up was to make sure we could integrate all the parts properly)

We'll be back next week with more modelling.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Steam Summer Sale 2019

It's damp, overcast and generally grey.. and that can only mean one thing, it's a British Summer! And that must mean it's SALE TIME!

Lot's of big discounts on everything we sell on Steam so grab yourself some bargains and escape to the past, where summers were always better (because they had steam trains!)

Click this link to see all of our DLC on Steam or click on an image below to view a particular pack.

Note: As usual in the first few hours of any sale Steam will have a complete meltdown as so many people try to access it with some sale prices not showing or the site being completely unavailable - you may need to refresh the page if it doesn't show some of the offers or maybe wait for tomorrow when it's settled down.

GWR Pannier Tanks - 30% off

GWR 1000 County Class - 50% off
LNER Raven Q6 - 50% off
GWR Large Prairies - 50% off
GWR Large Prairies Lined Liveries (Requires GWR Large Prairies Pack) - 50% off
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Monday, 10 June 2019

LNER J21 (NER Class C): Available Now!

As the title, the LNER J21 (NER Class C) is now available over at Steam Sounds Supreme

For anyone who would like to see the manual before buying, it can be downloaded here

Friday, 24 May 2019

LNER J21 (NER Class C): Pre-orders opening soon

With the J21 pre-orders just around the corner at Steam Sounds Supreme we wanted to give a quick final update of everything that comes with the pack.

From the manual:
  • Simple, Standard and Advanced driving modes
  • Xbox controller support SIMPLE AND STANDARD MODES
  • LNER J21 (NER Class C) Locomotive
    • Liveries include Compound, Saturated and Superheated engine variants as appropriate to the eras
    • NER Green Livery
    • NER Lined Black Livery
    • NER Unlined Black Livery
    • LNER Early Unlined Black livery
    • LNER Late Unlined Black livery
    • LNER Post-War Black Livery
    • British Railways 1948-50 Livery
      • Clean and Dirty
    • British Railways 1950-56 Livery
      • Clean and Dirty
    • British Railways 1956-67 Livery
      • Clean and Dirty
    • Preserved NER Livery
  • Numerous optional parts and fittings covering 70 years of service
  • Custom sound sets inside and out from the experts at Steam Sounds Supreme
  • Realistic cab with multiple views, including dual “head out” and fully modelled firebox and coal
  • Realistic wheel slip physics and effects ADVANCED MODE
  • Simulated steam chest ADVANCED MODE
  • Realistic types of braking including; steam, air, vacuum and combined ADVANCED MODE
  • Cylinder cock management  ADVANCED MODE
  • Boiler management with priming possible ADVANCED MODE 
  • Realistic injector control ADVANCED MODE 
  • Realistic “by the shovel” stoking with synchronised sound ADVANCED MODE
  • Dynamic steam and smoke colour and quantity
  • Realistic boiler water gauges effected by gradient, acceleration and speed and with blow down test
  • Opening windows (with rain effects) and roof hatch
  • Dynamic lamp setting
  • Cab light effects including flickering firebox glow
  • Atmospheric AI effects

  • NER Clerestory Coaches
    • Composite
      • NER Plum
      • LNER Teak
    • Brake 3rd
      • NER Plum
      • LNER Teak
    • All coaches have dynamic lamps

  • 6 Scenarios for the Weardale & Teesdale Network Route Add-on
  • 52 Quick Drive consists with appropriate stock
  • More scenarios will be released at a later date and free of charge using the upcoming Stainmore, Shap and Eden Valley Route from Steam Sounds Supreme

We will post in the usual places once pre-orders are available and we very much hope that you will enjoy our latest locomotive and rolling stock pack.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Train Simulator 10th Anniversary Sale

Well how time flies! 10 years ago Kuju Rail Simulator was given a much needed overhaul (including finally adding steam engine chuffs!), renamed Railworks and released on the Steam store. Since then it became Train Simulator, and Train Simulator 20xx, TSX graphics were added, lots of script functions added allowing more and more advanced locomotives to be created - our very own 56xx being the first advanced steam engine in Railworks having been inspired by seeing the advanced diesels that were being built in those early days.

So to celebrate an amazing 10 years of train simming fun, let's have that rarest of things - A SALE! Huzzah!
The sale runs from today until May 20th.

The Peppercorn K1, GWR Small Prairies and Stroudley A1/A1X Terriers are 60% off, the other packs listed are 50% off including the enormous USATC S160 pack and the gas turbine powered oddity GT3 Prototype that drives like nothing else available in Train Simulator to date.

Click this link to see all of our DLC on Steam or click on an image below to view a particular pack or
click this link to see all of our DLC on the Dovetail Store which provides a Steam key you can add to your account but without us having to pay Steam any fees!

GWR 1000 County Class - 50% off
LNER Peppercorn K1 - 60% off
GWR Small Prairies - 60% off
LNER Raven Q6 - 50% off
Stroudley A1/A1X Class 'Terrier' - 60% off
USATC S160 - 50% off
GT3 Gas Turbine Prototype - 50% off
GWR Steam Railmotor - 50% off
Southern Bulleid Q1 - 50% off