Friday, 16 December 2016

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: Build Part 5, Texturing

The dreaded unwrap is complete so the next task is to layer on some colour.
Before we started we gave the parts some simple colours in the 3D modelling programme to help visualise the parts that could be coloured together.

This is the A1

and the A1X in it's mostly unmodified layout.

Then it's a case of texturing the parts and building up the engine piece by piece

It's starting to look like something now. We should mention at this point that the green and "yellow" of the Improved Engine Green livery in these images are just place holders. We needed to do more research as to the correct original colours before we committed - as it turns out nobody is 100% sure of the colours but after reading a lot we're happy we've come up with one of the accepted variations which we'll show you when model is finished.

Next came the Improved Engine Green lining - which is complicated to say the least! But after quite a few experiments we came up with a set of parts to build the lining textures and it started to come together.

Again, the green and yellow are temporary colours - this was all about getting the lining detail correct. Once we were happy with the side panel it was time to complete the rest of the lining which covers most of the flat panels on the engine as well as the rear of the bunker and the A1's rear mounted toolbox.

And just as this is all getting exciting.. it's time to break for Christmas!
We'll try and make a post next week with the progress that has happened since these pictures, or at the very least our traditional Christmas screenshot and best wishes.

Monday, 5 December 2016

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: Build Part 4, Cab

Now the outside is complete it's time to turn to the cab.
We didn't take any WIP pictures of the cab as it's not particularly interesting until it's complete.. so here it is, complete!

Firstly, much the same as the outside, the clean and simple looking A1 cab

And once the conversion to the A1X had occurred with a vacuum brake added for good measure then it got a lot more cluttered.

Some more comparison shots for various angles
Drivers view

The fireman's side

Looking in from the driver's side

And looking in from the fireman's side

And finally for today, adding them quickly to the outer loco model


And A1X

And that's about it for modelling. Time for the unwrapping - which is a lot less exciting than the unwrapping that's due in 20 days time for many of us!
Then it will be on to the texturing. First up will be Stroudley's very complex "Improved Engine Green"... we're not looking forward to doing that one!