Thursday, 25 August 2016

USATC S160 Summer Sale!

The USATC S160 is on sale from today, 25th August, until 2nd September at a lovely 30% off!

Enjoy this globally used locomotive that exceeded it's 90 day expected life in the 1940's to still be in regular daily use into the 1990's and survives today on many preserved railways.

The DLC includes the USATC S160 steam locomotive in 10 accurate liveries with thousands of realistic optional set ups, and dozens of items of rolling stock with a military theme and can be driven in simple, standard and advanced modes.
Liveries include: USATC Black, USATC Grey, Longmoor Military Railway, BR Preserved, USSR Ша (wartime and post wartime), USA Alaska Railroad, USA Army, Poland Post-War and Poland Black Wartime.

Buy it here on Steam with 30% off

Some thoughts from existing customers:

"By far the most dynamic loco DLC yet. So many options and variations. The details of the whistle and advanced controls are fantastic. The blue FDR gets my vote as well. Worth the wait!"

"Thank you so much for this incredible engine. The best add-on I have ever bought for TS! Thank you VW"

"Well done and thank you for a wonderful pack of locos and stock that was oh so worth the wait. I'm absolutely elated by it"

"What an amazing DLC pack. Bravo!"