Wednesday, 24 July 2019

WD "Austerity" 2-8-0: Work in Progress, Tender

Next up, the 8 wheeled tender used by the 2-8-0 and 2-10-0's.

Laying out the basic shape.

Adding the coal area and the footplate facing.

Although the sides are quite plain, as with most tenders, there is some nice detailing around the tender like the grab rails and lots of rivet'y goodness on the frames.
We also wanted to create a more typical coal pile for this tender, all heaped up at the back where it's been loaded.

So with that complete, what does it look like together with the engine?

Coming on nicely. Next job, the footplate!

Please note that with it being the summer these updates will more sporadic than we normally try to do and we will be away for some time as well so if you don't see anything for a while don't panic, everything is still on course :-)

Friday, 12 July 2019

WD "Austerity" 2-8-0: Work in Progress 2

Works continues on the WD 2-8-0 and the main addition has been the Westinghouse pump and brake gear.

And with another pass to check over the components and with lots of comparison to contemporary photographs the main model is complete.

There were a LOT of modifications to the WD's, from their war time original build to their use under the Big 4 (who all made different changes) on their return to the UK after WW2 and finally under British Railways.
Differences even on the original design include an oval build plate ("Vulcan Foundry" instead of the triangular "North British  Locomotive Company") and the raised rear sander filler caps - this type being fitted to a number of engines to allow the WD's to carry armour plating (although this never actually happened).
Also seen here are some changes that were present on the post-war Dutch versions - a raised chimney, external windows, local lamps, a cover on the clack valves and a ladder next to them. Having read about how very unreliable the cast clack valves were and how often a poor fireman had to climb up onto the hot boiler with no footholds and then re-seat them with a spanner you can't help but wonder if the ladders were the Dutch solution to this problem!

Next week we should have the WD's 5000 gallon tender to show.

Friday, 5 July 2019

WD "Austerity" 2-8-0: Work in Progress 1

Continuing on from last week..

The smokebox area is added, with a particularly nice looking saddle with its support struts. Top components are added including the distinctive short chimney, Gresley anti-vac, steam dome and safety valves.

Building the cab shape comes next.
Adding rivets is always a part of modelling I really enjoy, they really bring the plain shapes to life and as long as you're clever with rendering distances you can have lots with very little impact on performance. Lots of pipes and small details and it starts to look like a proper engine.

More detailing and pipework and that's us done for this week.

Next week we'll get round the other side and add the Westinghouse pump and associated pipework and put in place some pipes for the optional brake types and steam heating.