Tuesday, 26 May 2015

GT3 Gas Turbine: Fictional BR Blue Livery

Today we ask the question, what would have happened had the GT3 made it past the prototype?

Can we imagine for a moment that a fleet of 10 'GTB's had made it into full service and into the mid 1960's when Rail Blue was introduced.

We think they might have looked something like this

These liveries were made as a bit of fun as we imagined "what if" to the above situation. They are a full reskin, outside and in (gone are the plush carpets of the original cab, replaced with a plastic wipe clean floor).
They are included with the GT3 pack as light engine Quick Drives and if you have any of the BR Blue Mk'1s that have been included with numerous routes (and the European Loco and Asset pack) they very much look the part together.
We didn't include any scenarios using them as we're aware that some people aren't into unauthentic stock - and normally we'd be amongst them! These are just a bit of fun included along with the original prototype.

So that about wraps it up for the GT3. We'll let you know when it's close to release and we would like to arrange a stream or something similar nearer the time.

For now it's back to the USATC S160, and other things ;-)

PS For those who are panicking at the horror of the above! That is a "fun" livery that we've thrown in for free.. below is what you're going to be buying it for!

Friday, 15 May 2015

GT3 Gas Turbine: Details and Pictures

As promised, today we are showing some more pictures of the English Electric GT3 Gas Turbine Prototype along with a full features list.
The loco is in testing so there may be some minor tweaks but we don't envision any features being removed. We hope that it will be released in 6 weeks or so.

So without further ado, the drivers seat..

This is where you drive from with a nice view ahead looking along the side of the locomotive - there is also an integrated head-out view in the cab. Every control that you can see in the picture works - by which we mean that all dials show a relevant value and that all switches, buttons and levers move when clicked or dragged, but also that every drivers control has a function; even the demister switch.

This is the centre console which has all of the controls for starting the gas turbine from cold and lights for monitoring the state of the locomotive. Every Quick Drive consist has a "cold start" equivalent so you can begin any journey with the turbine shut down or idling. These are also available to add in your own scenarios so you can choose how they start.

As you have come to expect from Victory Works all of the doors and windows are operable as can be seen here looking across at the second-man's seat. In front of him are 6 dials showing fuel pressure and oil levels and temperatures for various parts of the turbine as well as the lever controls for the steam boiler in the tender (heated using exhaust gas from the turbine) that would have provided steam heating to the passengers - had there ever been any!

Here is the feature list from the manual:
  • Simple and Expert driving modes
  • Xbox controller support
  • Highly detailed model of the GT3 Gas Turbine Prototype and tender
  • Accurate simulation of the EM27L two-shaft Gas Turbine
  • Synchronised compressor fan
  • Custom sound set including a matching specification turbine
  • Heat haze exhaust effect
  • Complete cold start sequence with “one click” automated demonstration
  • User selectable head code
  • Fully modelled  3D cab with all operable controls, including:
    • Gas turbine compressor RPM and oil temperature dials
    • Individual head code and reverse light switches
    • Forward and reverse sanders
    • Opening doors and windows
    • Tender interior containing heating boiler
  • Worn Mk1 maroon coaches used for testing load pulling
  • 5 scenarios for the Woodhead route covering all types of service testing
  • 10 Quick Drives (including Hot and Cold starts)
  • Fictional .................. livery
    • 2 Quick Drives (Hot and Cold start)
We've edited the last item in the list as we're not quite ready to show the fictional "fun" livery yet, we'll add a picture when it's finalised.

So now it's back to working on the S160.
And the loco project we built at the end of last year (which should be announced very soon).
And the work we're doing for Dovetail Games.

It's all rather busy!

Friday, 8 May 2015

USATC S160: Model Progress, May 8th

Time has rather got away from us this week so the GT3 Gas Turbine details post will have to wait for another time - we want to do it right and give you all of the details as well as some close up pictures inside and out.

So for today it's a quick couple of pictures of progress on the S160...

There's a lot going on in between those frames!

Friday, 1 May 2015

GT3 Gas Turbine: Update

Wow, it's been a month since the last blog post! Sorry about that.
What with holiday, "other" work (still Train Sim based but not public for now) time has got away from us - however we have been working on the GT3 in the spare hours and it is nearing the final stages of polish and will be ready for testing soon.

This is a cab picture from a few weeks ago - some improvements and changes have been made since but you can see the drivers position, closest to the camera, and the turbine controls on the centre console.
The turbine controls can be used to perform a complete turbine start-up from cold, spooling up the compressor turbine using the starter motor, igniting it and allowing it to run up to idle speed before warming up ready to power the loco.

The GT3 was painted in a red/chocolate brown colour which will be provided but for fun we're also going to include in the pack a totally fictional "what if" livery that imagines how they might have looked had they made it into full service in the 1970's.
5 scenarios will be provided for the Woodhead route - where the GT3 actually ran before being moved to the WCML - with lots of different test cases to be played out as you seek to prove this prototype. Included for this purpose will be a set of maroon Mk1 coaches in various states of wear which were used for testing and monitoring the locomotive.
A dozen Quick Drive consists will be available with the option of starting the locomotive hot or cold.

The custom sound set is unique in Train Simulator locos to date and really sounds the part, from the whining of the gas turbine as it runs up to speed to the thump-thump of massive amounts of air being sucked into the front side air filters if you "stand" within a few feet of them. The air powered brake exhauster and ejector are also very distinctive.

Next week we'll try and add a complete list of features and details but we'll finish off with a picture of the locomotive as it stands now.

PS Anyone worrying about the USATC S160 - it's still progressing :-)