Tuesday, 26 May 2015

GT3 Gas Turbine: Fictional BR Blue Livery

Today we ask the question, what would have happened had the GT3 made it past the prototype?

Can we imagine for a moment that a fleet of 10 'GTB's had made it into full service and into the mid 1960's when Rail Blue was introduced.

We think they might have looked something like this

These liveries were made as a bit of fun as we imagined "what if" to the above situation. They are a full reskin, outside and in (gone are the plush carpets of the original cab, replaced with a plastic wipe clean floor).
They are included with the GT3 pack as light engine Quick Drives and if you have any of the BR Blue Mk'1s that have been included with numerous routes (and the European Loco and Asset pack) they very much look the part together.
We didn't include any scenarios using them as we're aware that some people aren't into unauthentic stock - and normally we'd be amongst them! These are just a bit of fun included along with the original prototype.

So that about wraps it up for the GT3. We'll let you know when it's close to release and we would like to arrange a stream or something similar nearer the time.

For now it's back to the USATC S160, and other things ;-)

PS For those who are panicking at the horror of the above! That is a "fun" livery that we've thrown in for free.. below is what you're going to be buying it for!

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