Friday, 5 June 2015

BR (LNER) Peppercorn K1: First Look

Well time has got away from us yet again and we honestly have no idea where this week has gone!
But an announcement was promised and an announcement you shall have.

So we are very pleased to introduce the Peppercorn K1. Designed by the LNER (using a K4 to build a single prototype K1/1), but not actually built until BR had taken over the Big Four, when 70 locomotives were built between 1949 and 1950.

As you expect from Victory Works all 70 members will be included in their original BR livery of black with red/cream/grey lining, in a clean and also an utterly filthy state (just right to run on the upcoming Weardale and Teesdale Railway from Dovetail Games).
We are also including the LNER green livery with black/white lining. Although the K1's never actually carried this livery is has been very popular in preservation and frankly it looked too pretty not to give you it!
It has all of the usual features you want and expect from us in a new piece of DLC and also has some new features you've asked for (and some you haven't!) as well.
We'll shout about those in the next couple of weeks - not least as having not looked at it for 6 months while waiting for the route to be released we'd forgotten half the things we'd added!

We were also pleasantly surprised when we looked in the other folders and remembered that we built no less than 3 sidings worth of well-used BR/ex-LNER/ex-PO freight stock to go with it!

So all of that is to come in the next couple of weeks. For now we have some early model renders and we'll show you some in-game images just as soon as we find the time to do them!


  1. Thanks Pete a very welcome addition, now what about those V1/3's, J72, J27, Q6 and G5's. Seriously looking forward to this loco and the route, spent many a happy hour at Durham in the 50's.