Tuesday, 18 September 2018

GWR 1000 Class 'County' - Steam Midweek Madness Sale

For 3 days only on Steam the GWR 1000 Class 'County' Steam Loco Add-On  is on sale for 25% off. This is the first time that the County has been on sale and a great chance to pick up the final chapter of the Great Western Railways mighty 4-6-0 classes.


Friday, 14 September 2018

GWR Pannier Tanks: 54/64/7400 Options

Today we're taking a look at the 54xx, 64xx and 74xx classes and the options that will be available with these engines.

First up is the 54xx in it's original form, numbers 5400 to 5419 built in 1930. All 54xx and 64xx were fitted with auto-gear to work with auto-coaches and these engines will all be compatible with the GWR coaches from the GWR Class 14XX Loco Add-On as well as the BR autocoaches included with this new panniers pack.

The 54xx fleet was expanded with 5 more engines, numbers 5420-5424 in 1935 and in the next 10 years modifications were made to add a whistle shield and bunker steps in the late 30's and between 1943-46 half of the class were fitted with an improved top feed water injector system. Each of these parts can be activated and de-activated to represent the 54xx at any stage of its life.

The 64xx class was built in 1932, starting with numbers 6400-6409 and rapidly expanded with numbers 6410-6429 by 1935. Running a smaller wheel diameter than the 54xx (4' 7½" instead of 5' 2") it shared the same cab design as the larger wheeled predecessor.

In 1937 the 64xx class was expanded again with numbers 6430-6439, this time with a square corner on the rear of the cab and a roof without overhangs. The whistle shields and bunker steps of the 54xx design were added soon after.

From 1943 some members of the 64xx were also retrofitted with the new style of top feed.

The 74xx class was started in 1936 with numbers 7400-7429. Boasting a boiler pressure increase from 165 psi to 180 psi and using the square cab design of the later 64xx's, the 74xx class was not designed to be used with auto-coaches and so lacked the relevant equipment. Due to this they were also fitted with a lever reverser rather than a screw type (the lever being quicker for shunting duties but not as suitable for use when the driver and fireman had to work remotely from each other). As with the other types; shields, steps and top feeds were fitted at similar times.

All of these parts will be fully selectable so you can modify any of the variations to match any specific engine you choose as well as being set up with suitable numbers for each of the GWR eras so you can drop and play, as well as relevant quick drives using the included BR auto-coaches.
And speaking of auto-coaches.. come back next week and we'll see how those are coming along!

Monday, 10 September 2018

Dovetail Games Pro-Range Sale

Summer is nearly over, harvest time is coming. Therefore it must be time for... another sale!

Exclusive to the Dovetail Store, our products are heavily involved in the Pro-Range Sale from today and the following discounts are available until September 17th.

If you haven't purchased from the Dovetail store before, then fear not! It's all above board, owned by Dovetail Games themselves and any purchase will provide you with a key to add the DLC directly to your Steam account just as if you had bought it from Steam.

And don't forget that every one of our Pro-Range products is carefully designed to work in Simple, Standard and Advanced modes as well so anyone can enjoy them.

Click this link to see all of our DLC on the Dovetail Store or click on an image below to view a particular DLC.

LNER Raven Q6 - 30% off
GWR Large Prairies - 40% off
Stroudley A1/A1X Class 'Terrier' - 50% off

GWR Saint Class & Travelling Post Office - 50% off

USATC S160 - 50% off

GWR 14xx - 50% off

LNER Peppercorn K1 - 50% off

GWR Small Prairies - 50% off

GWR 56xx - 50% off - Did you know that this was the first ever "Advanced" steam engine released for Train Simulator, all the way back in June 2011!

GT3 Gas Turbine Prototype - 50% off

GWR Steam Railmotor - 50% off

Southern Bulleid Q1 - 50% off

Friday, 7 September 2018

GWR Pannier Tanks: 54/64/7400 Cab Complete

And we are back!
After a nice summer break work has been continuing at pace and the 54/64/7400 model has reached completion.

Here we see the model from the previous blog with the basic shape of the cab added.

 A view from the fireman's side looking in after all of the components have been built and added.

With the back wall removed  you can see how things are laid out. This is the 5400/6400 variant with the screw reverser, which was standard for autocoach working. The 7400's had a lever reverser and were not fitted with auto gear.

And finally a rear quarter view of everything completed.

Next time we'll take a look at the engine with various elements removed, added and changed to show what kind of options will be available.

Monday, 6 August 2018

GWR Pannier Tanks: 54/64/7400 Beginnings

We've been pretty busy since the last update although we are about to take a couple of weeks off for a summer break, so rather than leave too long a silence we wanted to share some WIP images of the 54/64/7400 series of pannier tank.

As usual we begin with the basic shapes and get the wheels in place.

Then we start to add the larger parts for scaling.

Once that's complete then the detail can be added - here we see a view down onto the top of the boiler and tanks.

More parts are added.

And then we go to town with the rivet gun. We now have the basis for the 5400. The 64/7400 have smaller wheels and therefore smaller splashers, they also have differences to the front steps and cab styling (a square rear rather than curved) as well as optional parts including the top feed injector and brake hangers, all of which will be selectable for every engine in every class.

Note: We've no idea how we managed to forget the smokebox darts (staring at these things for a long time can do funny things to the mind!) but fear not, they are now added to the model!

After the summer break we'll have some pictures of the various options and of the cab, which is currently being worked on, and after that the BR autocoach and the seemingly endless variations of the 5700/8750 pannier tanks as well.

Friday, 6 July 2018

GWR Pannier Tanks Pack: Announcement

We gave you a little teaser a couple of weeks ago and sure enough we had lots of correct guesses, so well done to whoever thought that the images represented exactly what they were...

Panniers, a wren and a thrush.

Out next pack is going to contain the GWR 5400/6400/7400 Pannier Tank Engines and the BR built Hawksworth A38, A39, A40 and A43 autocoaches (2 of which were named "Thrush" and "Wren".

But one of you went even further than that. Someone suggested (requested? pleaded?) for us to include a brand new, up to date model of the 5700 Pannier Tank as well. Which was our intention all along. We will also include the 6700 and 8750 variants of the 57xx class and lots of options to help you create as many of the 852 original engines as possible.

The pannier tanks are such iconic Great Western engines and we are excited to be able to bring them to you with along with the Hawksworth autocoaches that people have been asking us for since we released the GWR Class 14XX Loco Add-On.

Lots of pictures and information of the work in progress to follow in the coming months.

But what of the BR built pannier tanks we hear you cry? The 1500, 1600 and 9400's? Well, let's get the GWR pack finished first and then we'll see how things are ;-)

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Steam Summer Sale 2018

It's that time again.. it's sale time!
We are taking part in the Steam Summer Sale and have some of our best ever discounts on DLC. The Raven Q6 is on sale for the first time saving you 25%. The very popular GWR Large Prairies and the much requested Lined Liveries are 40% off and EVERYTHING else is 50% off.

Click this link to see all of our DLC on Steam or click on an image below to view a particular DLC.

LNER Raven Q6 - 25% off
GWR Large Prairies - 40% off
GWR Large Prairies Lined Liveries (Requires GWR Large Prairies Pack) - 40% off
Stroudley A1/A1X Class 'Terrier' - 50% off

GWR Saint Class & Travelling Post Office - 50% off

BR Saint & Travelling Post Office Livery (Marketplace - requires GWR Saint Pack) - 50% off

USATC S160 - 50% off

GWR 14xx - 50% off

LNER Peppercorn K1 - 50% off

GWR Small Prairies - 50% off

GWR 56xx - 50% off

GT3 Gas Turbine Prototype - 50% off

GWR Steam Railmotor - 50% off

Southern Bulleid Q1 - 50% off