Friday, 16 November 2018

GWR Pannier Tanks: 5400/6400/7400 British Railways

This week we move on to looking at the GWR 5400, 6400 and 7400's under British Railways ownership.
All 115 engines (25, 40 and 50 respectively) entered BR service under nationalisation in 1948 and continued with similar duties as under the GWR on local passenger services, freight and as station pilots and yard shunters. The first engine was not withdrawn until 1956 and 2 members of the 7400 variant (No's 7437 and 7439) were still in service in 1965.

Turned out in unlined black livery the 5400 is seen here with the early "cycling lion" logo.

And the 6400 (still fitted with the equipment so they could be used with auto-coaches) with the later "ferret and dartboard" logo.

The 7400's were also heavily used in these eras, proving the versatility of these little engines.

With heavy use, and a lack of the constant cleaning that they enjoyed under the GWR, came the well worn look of a true workhorse.

Although never painted in black lined livery a small number of the 6400 variant were out-shopped in lined green, presumably the engines favoured for use on higher profile auto-train passenger services.

And of course every variant and locomotive comes with the appropriate fittings for each of the 115 engines and with fully operational cabs.

Next week we will be taking a look at all of the variants and liveries for the 63ft BR autocoaches in game and alongside these Pannier Tanks that pulled (and pushed!) them.

Friday, 9 November 2018

GWR Pannier Tanks: 5400/6400/7400 GWR

It is finally time to see some of the GWR Panniers in game!
Over the next few weeks we will be covering all of the engines and liveries in the upcoming pack and today we are starting with the 54/64/7400's under the GWR.

First up is the 5400 as built in 1930. This version has none of the later additions (steps, top feed, etc) and carries the early Great Western lettering. It is auto-fitted and is fully compatible with the included BR autocoach (although it would only run in this livery with these versions in preservation as they were built from 1951) and also with the autocoach from the GWR Class 14XX Loco Add-On.

Next we have the 6400. These had smaller driving wheels than the 5400 (4' 7½" versus 5' 2") but followed the same design and were also auto-fitted. As with all purpose built auto-fitted engines they had a screw reverser to make notching up and down easier for the fireman riding in the engine cab as the driver in the autocoach would not need to coordinate reducing the regulator.
It is seen here in the 1934-42 Roundel livery.

The 7400 was a derivation of the 6400, having a similar body but with an angled corner for the bunker and with an increased boiler pressure of 180 psi giving more power. The 7400 class was not auto-fitted and had a standard GWR lever reverser. Here we see it in the 1942-48 GWR lettered livery.

And for completeness here we have the short-lived BR livery used around 1948-49 which featured the British Railways text in the GWR serif font. Shown on No. 6419 some of the later modifications can be seen from this period including the whistle shield, bunker steps and top feed injectors.

All liveries and options are available on all engines types and have comprehensive lists already set up correctly when you add a locomotive into the game.

Inside the cab we see the typical GWR controls and layout. This is the 6400, the 7400's having a lever reverser instead.

Next week we'll take a look at the same engines under British Railways.

Friday, 2 November 2018

GWR Pannier Tanks: 5700/8750 Options

This week we are covering the various options available for the 5700 and 8750 variants of the Pannier Tanks which covers a total of 853 engines; No's 5700-99, 6700-49, 7700-99, 8700-49, 8750-99, 9711-99, 3600-99, 4600-99, 9600-9682 and 7650-79

Note: Each individual option shown here is correct however we have not made any effort to mix and match the correct modifications on a per-era basis as they have taken well over 2 hours to render them all!
When completed every single one of the 853 engines in all relevant eras will be set up correctly when placed in game once we have finished the pack - today this is just a set of renders to show you the individual options.

To start off we have the basic 5700 and 8750 with minimal fittings as originally designed.

These are both shown with vacuum brakes.
Also included with the pack will be No's 6700-49 (5700 style) and 6750-79 (8750 style, the last 10 actually built under BR in 1950) which are only fitted with steam loco brakes and simple 3 link couplings and were restricted to shunting duties and unfitted freight.

Safety bonnets will be selectable as either painted or polished brass and there will be the usual array of logos for every era but as they don't appear in a 3d render we'll move straight to the physical options.

First up are whistle deflectors in 2 different sizes added from 1936.

Steps and hand rails to aid access to the coal bunker also added from 1936.

Top feed water injection. Added from 1942 onwards these also change the pipe arrangements inside the cab.

To the front of the engine; a change to the front steps from a simple flange design to a welded type with upturned sides. Here we also see the smokebox number plate and shed code plates added under British Railways.

The 8750's had cast brake hangers fitted from new instead of the twin plate style of the earlier design. The 5700's were gradually changed to these from 1934 onwards when they came in for regular servicing.

Doors and weather panels. Yes, even doors were absent on the original 5700 designs! Added from 1937 all of them had been upgraded by 1951.

Did you know that some GWR Panniers worked on Southern lines under British Railways? When they did this they they needed to be fitted with two additional lamp brackets to show the Southern six disc/lamp codes instead of the more common four.

Sometimes you just feel like you want the pipes of your injectors to run around the outside of the running boards rather than through them!

When pulling passenger coaches you need steam heating. This modification is also reflected in the cab with relevant controls and the additional gauge.

Tool boxes. Left side, right side, both sides or not at all.

Spark arrestors were fitted to some engines that worked in areas where sparks could cause a major disaster. Munitions factories during WW2 would have seen panniers fitted like these.
After the war when many of the panniers returned to standard duties some of them had the spark arrestors removed and then just ran with the "drain pipe" look!

Spare lamps carried on the right hand side of the engine can be mounted at the front or rear of the running board.

As well as external modifications changing the in-cab equipment (braking systems, steam heating, top feeds, etc.) there are also options for GWR ATC (fitted as standard from 1934), and even a speedometer for creating panniers as some exist in preservation.

One final modification for the 5700 variant is the front cab doorway handle which was originally part of the window beading. From 1934 this was changed to the handrail mounted to the outside of the cab matching the one to the rear of the doorway.

So that about wraps up the options for the 5700/8750 Pannier Tanks.
It was this quantity of options and feedback from customers as our add-ons have become more and more complex that has led us to begin to develop the "Victory Works Locomotive Number Generator" which will hugely simplify the selection of all of these optional parts for the whole range of our existing add-ons and into the future.
Have a read of last weeks blog post if you missed the announcement.

Next week, we think it's about time to see some Pannier Tanks in game!

Monday, 29 October 2018

Steam Halloween Sale 2018

Clocks changed - check!
Suddenly got very cold - check!
Dark by 5pm - check!
About to create 100 million tons of landfill copying an American tradition - check!

That must mean it's time for the Steam Halloween Sale!

All of our Steam DLC is on sale from today until 1st November with the GWR County available with 30% off for the first time.

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