Thursday, 22 June 2017

Steam Summer Sale 2017

The Steam Summer Sale has just started and goes on until 5th July. Pick yourself up some great deals with up to 50% off of our Steam add-ons.

Click this link to see all of our DLC on Steam or click on an image below to view a particular DLC.

GWR Saint Class & Travelling Post Office - 40% off

BR Saint & TPO Livery Pack - 50% off (Note: Requires the GWR Saint & TPO add-on)

USATC S160 - 30% off

GWR 14xx - 30% off

LNER Peppercorn K1 - 30% off

GWR Small Prairies - 30% off

GWR 56xx - 30% off

GT3 Gas Turbine Prototype - 30% off

GWR Steam Railmotor - 30% off

Southern Bulleid Q1 - 50% off

Friday, 16 June 2017

The Year Ahead

It's that time again, the time when we announce our plans for the coming year(ish).

We have a bit of a sad announcement first which is that we have had to abandon the building of the LNER J21. We simply couldn't get hold of enough high quality plans, diagrams and reference material to do it justice. It's still high on our "want to do list" but for now we've had to put it to one side.

So with that out of the way, the better news is that our next loco will be..
Quite a few locos! Following on from the success of our GWR Small Prairies our next pack is going to be the GWR Large Prairies.

It will include all members of the following classes in GWR and BR liveries:
3100 (original numbering of the 5100 class), 5100, 5101, 6100, 8100.
Along with a selection of freight rolling stock to be announced (but if you have any requests, now is the time to say!) and including our unique whistle controlled "Active Guard" brake vans which were first released with the 4200/5200 and 7200 packs
We're also excited to announce that we've been experimenting with some new texturing techniques which we hope will add even more realism to the high quality models that we produce.

Following the Large Prairies we will be going north (home of our highly regarded K1) to an engine that we do have research for... the NER Class T2/LNER Q6.

After this we will be building on the success of our 4-6-0 GWR Saint with the GWR 1000 County class.

We hope these are locos that you are excited about seeing in Train Simulator and we'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has purchased any of our engines and allowed us to continue doing what we love.

Friday, 2 June 2017

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: Later Years Pack, Livery 5

And here we are at the final livery for the "Later Years" pack. This pack is currently in the hands of Steam Sounds Supreme and will be available once they have issued the patches for the Main and Early Years packs.

In 1960 the first steam engine in the new preservation movement was a certain well known Terrier which ran in the livery seen below. This livery was seen again in 2010 when it was repainted for the 50th Anniversary and has been requested by many people.

As with ALL of our named locos you can type ANY name you want to in the scenario editor and it will appear on the engine. So let's not have any silly comments asking the obvious question ;-)

Due to their long lives and being owned by so many different railways there were dozens of Terrier liveries and I'm sure we have disappointed some people by not creating them all but realistically we hope we've hit the majority of those that people asked for and that each of the packs has continued to provide the great value that we strive for here at Victory Works.

We also can't keep making Terrier's forever! So... what's next? All will be revealed next week.