Friday, 1 May 2015

GT3 Gas Turbine: Update

Wow, it's been a month since the last blog post! Sorry about that.
What with holiday, "other" work (still Train Sim based but not public for now) time has got away from us - however we have been working on the GT3 in the spare hours and it is nearing the final stages of polish and will be ready for testing soon.

This is a cab picture from a few weeks ago - some improvements and changes have been made since but you can see the drivers position, closest to the camera, and the turbine controls on the centre console.
The turbine controls can be used to perform a complete turbine start-up from cold, spooling up the compressor turbine using the starter motor, igniting it and allowing it to run up to idle speed before warming up ready to power the loco.

The GT3 was painted in a red/chocolate brown colour which will be provided but for fun we're also going to include in the pack a totally fictional "what if" livery that imagines how they might have looked had they made it into full service in the 1970's.
5 scenarios will be provided for the Woodhead route - where the GT3 actually ran before being moved to the WCML - with lots of different test cases to be played out as you seek to prove this prototype. Included for this purpose will be a set of maroon Mk1 coaches in various states of wear which were used for testing and monitoring the locomotive.
A dozen Quick Drive consists will be available with the option of starting the locomotive hot or cold.

The custom sound set is unique in Train Simulator locos to date and really sounds the part, from the whining of the gas turbine as it runs up to speed to the thump-thump of massive amounts of air being sucked into the front side air filters if you "stand" within a few feet of them. The air powered brake exhauster and ejector are also very distinctive.

Next week we'll try and add a complete list of features and details but we'll finish off with a picture of the locomotive as it stands now.

PS Anyone worrying about the USATC S160 - it's still progressing :-)


  1. So excited! Lately RSC's releases have been the usual recycled crap with new models/skins, But I'm so glad to see some real quality addons being made!

  2. Looking good Pete!,
    Recycled crap George...? now now.

  3. I can't wait for this one! How about that list of features?