Friday, 19 September 2014

The next project: (Obvious) Clue 3

So here is the final "clue", although it's so blatant I might as well have told you :-)

So I will. The "thing" that all the clues referred to was the TV series, Little House on the Prairie.

To reveal the clues:
Hugh Laurie (in the picture as Prince George in Blackadder III) also plays the character House in the series of the same name.
Sammy Davis Jr being told he is S M all, small.. or little!
The first pictures were a Union Jack and a Suzuki Bandit, and then some dogs. Jack and Bandit were the names of the family dogs in the TV series.

So with a leaning towards the Great Western Railway that brings us neatly to 1 of these.. or 2.. or 3.

Work In Progress images and more details to follow soon.

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