Monday, 3 February 2014

Bulleid Q1: Setting things in motion

Just a quick post today as I'm recovering from a late night (early morning!) from watching the Super Bowl.

Major task on the Q1 rebuild was to create working Stephenson's gear, which was initially created just using simple shapes - rectangles and circles. Once the motion was animated and checked then it was time to fully build all of the separate parts from plans and photographs.
It's an important part of the Q1 as the gear is very visible through the gaps in the frame, but so you can see it fully I've created an animated image of it with the boiler and panelling removed.

Enjoy - and don't get too hypnotised  :-)

Note: If you view this in an old version of Internet Explorer it may not be animated - I would advise you upgrade to a later version or use a different browser, not least for security reasons.

Those with a keen eye may have spotted the 2 mechanical lubricators rocking back and forth in the top right corner and be thinking, "Hey I've only seen 1 lubricator on C1/33001 at the NRM." In fact during their lives some Q1's had hydrostatic lubricators, some had single mechanical lubricators and a few had dual mechanical as seen above. All of these variations will be included for all 40 locomotives, in both Southern and BR liveries, providing the modifications that each number carried.

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