Friday, 13 June 2014

GWR 48xx/14xx and Autocoach

There were a lot of guesses from the last picture of the pink locomotives, and I'm pleased to reveal that many of you were absolutely right in guessing that the next addon will be a GWR 48xx (later renumbered to 14xx by British Railways) with autocoach.

The putting together of the pink locos was to write the interactive scripting to allow the whole set up to be driven from any attached coaches - which proved to be quite a challenge. However I'm pleased to say that not only has that been achieved but that the advanced functions of the locomotive such as the simulated steam chest will still be possible when driving from the coach and correct functionality of the locomotive whistle or the autocoach bell.
The current plan is for the coach to work with any locomotive that it is coupled to, but when coupled to a compatible locomotive (the 14xx and all future GWR tank engines which I produce that were auto-fitted) it will use the extra realistic functions of the specific locomotive.
The pack is also planned to include the non-auto fitted 58xx variant.

To finish off this update it wouldn't be right to leave without showing an early render of the locomotive model in progress.