Friday, 8 August 2014

GWR 48xx/14xx: Autocoach

Here we have the first look at the GWR Diagram A31 Autocoach that will come with the 48xx/14xx.

Anyone who owns the Steam Railmotor by Victory Works will probably be thinking that it looks rather similar. In fact the A31 autocoaches were built from the Q Diagram Steam Railmotors when it was realised that the autotrain (separate locomotives and coaches) was a lot more flexible than having to take the entire railmotor out of service to clean and repair it.
Although having a model of the Steam Railmotor built already gave a small head start, the most complex and visible area - the main body - has had to be completely rebuilt and optimised, there are many extra parts to add and then it has required a full re-texture.

The model is actually a lot closer to completion than in this picture as I did some work on it before I started the locomotive.
We should have some colour pictures of the GWR and BR liveries very soon.

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  1. Can there be a livery with Chaffinch on the side?
    Thanks, some great work much looking forward to it :)