Friday, 7 November 2014

GWR Small Prairies: Big Update

Lots of work has been going on with the small prairies pack over the last few weeks and today we have some new images to show including the first in-game picture.
There will also be another big news update about the pack next week, in conjunction with the Engine Driver website, listing liveries, options, features and additional stock.

So without further ado some renders:
4575 cab

Iron Mink
 6 wheel milk siphon
20 ton Toad brake van
There will be other stock included as well and everything has been made from scratch using much more detail than has been used in previous GWR wagons we have produced.

And finally...

Keep an eye out for another update early next week with details of everything that will come with this bumper pack.


  1. Is there a possibility for a Collett 2251 0-6-0 pack to be made after the 44xx,45xx, and 4575 pack is released?

    1. Not after this pack but maybe in the future. We have a rather long "wish list" of things to build.

  2. Very impressive stuff. I'm really looking forward to this. Is a BR era auto coach still being considered for this pack?

    1. Hi
      We've just added a blog post with everything in the pack
      As it became a single bumper pack rather than 2 or more packs we couldn't justify the time needed to build an entire new autocoach.
      But that does mean we should probably make an autofitted pannier tank in the future so we can :-)