Friday, 20 February 2015

New Loco Build: USATC S160 Class

The previous loco project has now been put to bed waiting for the route's track work to be finalised so we can write the scenarios, so that means that it's time for another loco build to begin.

After some thought we've decided to go with the USATC S160 Class which is another WW2 inspired locomotive like the Bulleid Q1. Over 2000 locos were built in the USA and shipped around the world to help with the war effort.

They went to so many countries it's easier to link to the Wikipedia article than to re-type them all here!

Nearly 800 of them came to Britain before being moved to France after D-Day, but we don't want to limit ourselves to just the UK this time.

As usual they will come with the features you expect from us and we're delighted to announce that once again we are working with Steam Sounds Supreme who will be providing the sound set.

We would like to do as many liveries and options as possible, although we won't be able to do ALL of them as we normally try to do with a loco class!

So we're announcing this project a lot earlier than we would usually so we can get your input on liveries you would like and if there are specific variants as well - if you have pictures and information to support the requests then all the better. UK, USA, Europe, Africa, Asia.. let us know what you would like.
This also includes suggestions of any appropriate rolling stock you would like to see.

Feel free to reply to this blog post, or talk to us on Facebook or on the forums at TrainSimDev, UKTrainSim , Railworks America or Steam.


  1. Not many of these were operational post-war on any routes currently commercially available...
    I guess that some scenarios can be done on the S&D, war-time, same as done for the Q1.
    For other liveries, some 30 locos were used by Austrian railways, and there's a route running through Austria (Three Country Corner Route); also the freeware Felberpass route. So an Austrian livery could be used on that route.
    There's also a French route which I don't know much of but a French livery would be in place there.
    Some of the East European countries were using them, and there's routes for TS2015 for those, so that's a few more candidates - Hungary, Poland, Chechoslovakia. I believe there's a number of modern day freeware routes for each of those countries.

    Further out there's Russian and a Chinese version that would be interesting.

  2. Hello, Victory Works.
    Here at we follow your news, so the fact that you want to build this loco wasn't left unnoticed. As Tim van der Leeuw said, 200 locos of the class were built for the USSR. There they were classified as Шᴬ (ShA, 'Type "Ш" equivalent, American-built'). 193 delivered locos (6 were lost while being transported, 1 was never sent) were given responsible mission to move supplies to the front.
    In 1957, 50 locos were converted to 1067 mm gauge and sent to the Sakhalin railway. Unfortunately, none of Soviet S160's made it to preservation.

    In the attached archive you will find photos and blueprints of the loco, and of coaches and wagons used during the war, collected by Vitya. If you will become interested, and want to get some more info on the class (what can be found on russian sites), or need translations (some blueprints are in russian) please contact me at or
    Regards, Artem 'pROssO' Filonovich and the Russian Railworks Community (


  3. Hello Pete,

    This is ex-railwayman/Transport Steve from the UK forums, I've posted a thread on the Railworks America website regarding your new project, the more folks who get to know about it the more feedback you'll get, well, that's the theory anyway, of course it'll help with future sales as well.

    Good luck with your little project.

    Cheerz. Steve.

  4. Oh, scrub that last message, I see that you've already got a thread open on this project, I was too late again, so, no need to open a new

    Cheerz. Steve.