Friday, 27 March 2015

Guess the Loco!

Question: So, what does a Train Simulator loco builder do in their spare time - when they're not building locos?
Answer: They build a loco of course!

A few weeks ago a good friend sent me a picture of this locomotive and after a short chat I decided it might be fun to build it in my spare time - as always with these things a vague interest became rather an obsession and after lots of time and funds spent on research the spare time project became a full on new loco build.

So in addition to the unannounced loco that we have stashed away for the unannounced route and the USATC S160 (still progressing well in the day time!) we also have this one in production.

I've been rather cryptic in this blog post as I thought it might be fun to see if anyone can guess what it is. It's unique, nothing like it has been built in Train Simulator before and it's outline looks like this...

So have a guess and we'll announce the answer next week.