Friday, 6 November 2015

USATC S160: Cab, Part 2

Continuing the cab modelling from the last update the next stage was to start adding some of the pipework which makes it easier to map out areas of the backhead to make sure everything is correctly proportioned and fits where it should.

After this we built the regulator which is unusual compared to a standard UK style lever that rotates in a clock fashion. The S160 regulator is fixed at a slightly tilted angle, and is pulled/pushed to open and close the regulator valve. It also has a locking lever as it was not uncommon for the steam pressure to open the regulator by itself.

Next up were the different brake types, and of course some more optional components as well.
Westinghouse brake control.

Squeezing in a UK vacuum brake - much as the original engineers had to!

A Matrosov brake control, as used in Russia and Poland. Also seen here is the screw reverser as opposed to the more common lever reverser.

And finally an alternate firebox door and a conversion of the regulator to place the operating lever above the drivers head - and presumably close enough to use while seated!

So ahead now lies the infamous task of unwrapping everything we've shown so far (and probably some parts we've forgotten) and starting to arrange them into order and apply textures.

We'll end this section with a render of the whole loco in a reasonably original state, set up as it would have been for use in the UK in the early 1940's.

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