Friday, 19 February 2016

USATC S160: Liveries, Part 7

Part 7 and we are nearly done!
Today we have the Polish Tr201 and Tr203 livery. Poland received 575 S160's in total: 75 initially, numbered Tr201.1 to Tr201.75 and then a further 500 after the war, numbered Tr203.1 to Tr203.500.

As well as the wartime Tr201 numbering being included with the wartime black livery (see Part 4) we have also created the post war styles, the Tr201 having simple painted numbers and the Tr203 being fitted with cast plaques. As with all the S160's in the pack there are numerous options for these locos including depot names on the cab sides, chimneys, water feeds, 2 types of regulator and reverser along with options for the tender including extra planking and extended levers for opening the water covers. Inside the cab the controls are coloured correctly and the original USA dials have the option to be replaced with Polish dials measuring pressure in MPa (Millions of Pascals).
The Tr201/3's also have their own style of electric lights on the locomotive and tender.

Once again we are very grateful for local help, this time from Lukasz who gathered lots of useful information about the Tr201/3's and also took a photo trip to the Warsaw Museum.

That leaves us with just one more livery to show which we hope will be around the middle of next week.


  1. Are You Making The gr736 Italian Livery?
    (Sorry For My English)

    1. There's no need to apologise :-)
      We are not making the gr736 at this time. When we asked for help on the many variations outside the UK and USA we had people come forwards from USSR, Poland and France willing to help us but sadly nobody with knowledge of the Italian gr736.

    2. Dear Victory Works
      if in the future you want help about Italian Gr 736 (material and acknowledgment support) I put myself at the disposal!
      We don't have Italian steam locomotive for TS.. I'm sure it would be appreciated by all fans of the peninsula!
      Thank you so much!

    3. Thank you. It's too late for the initial release, however if it sells well we would like to add to it later and will be in touch.

    4. Great! I'am fully available for anything, feel free to contact me!