Friday, 22 April 2016

GWR Saint: Modelling Progress 1

Modelling work has been progressing well with the Saint so here is a quick update.

Adding the chimney and splashers and it starts to take shape. The chimney is a standard pattern GWR chimney as used on Stars, Saints, Halls, Counties and Granges.
On the note of Stars and Counties, we have gathered a lot of research on these locomotives as well while researching the Saint and it would seem sensible to pencil them in for a release some day in the future.

Next we added the slide bars and crosshead and on the right hand side the pump arm, air pump and rod.

The driving rods were added and all of the motion wired to animate, including the internal eccentrics and arms which is just visible through the frames under the boiler. Also the safety bonnet and the side feed pipes have been built along with the basic shape of the cab for this square framed version.

With all the driving rods and gear added we can go, so the next step was to add the brakes so we can stop! We also added the nameplate to the centre splasher.

Adding rivets is always a favourite job as it really brings out the shapes of the locomotive. Also a lot of detailing work was done to the front of the loco with the buffers, brake pipes, smokebox darts and the front lubricator box all being added, as well as the cylinder cocks on the bottom of the cylinders.

Next week we'll move to the right hand side where the reverser and exhaust injector are mounted and then work on the drag box and steps at the rear of the locomotive.

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