Thursday, 23 June 2016

Steam Summer Sale!

It's that time again - the yearly Steam Summer Sale!

All of our Steam DLC is included except for the newly released USATC S160. So if you've had your eye on any of our add-ons for a while then now is the time to grab a discount.

Click this link to see all of our DLC on Steam or click on an image below to view a particular DLC.

GWR 14xx - 20% off

LNER Peppercorn K1 - 20% off

GWR Small Prairies - 20% off

GWR 56xx - 20% off

GT3 Gas Turbine Prototype - 20% off

GWR Steam Railmotor - 20% off

Southern Bulleid Q1 - 50% off

USATC S160 - Latest Release

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