Friday, 1 July 2016

GWR Saint Cab and TPO Coach

We've got quite a few pictures today so we'll mostly let them speak for themselves.
First off, inside the GWR 2900 cab..

Actually this is outside the inside cab, but you get the idea!

Fireman's outside inside view

The square frame version has a lever reverser instead of the screw
reverser as seen here on the curved frame version of the 2900.

The gauge glass is quite hard to see from the side views that look out of the
front windows so we've added a view just for that and of course the 3D
firebox view is available as with all of our locos since the Bullied Q1.

And we are now very pleased to show the GWR Travelling Post Office coach in game as well.

As you can see we will be including a sorting coach along with the baggage coach which is fitted with the exchange apparatus. These come in 3 GWR liveries; 1926-34, 1934-42 and 1924-47 and have selectable coach codes and numbers.
They have external views at the front and rear of the baggage coach and the exchange apparatus is fully functional when used with the line side exchange apparatus that will also be included.

Also included are line side markers that were used to alert the TPO staff that the bags and net should be extended and also exchange apparatus warning boards and a hut which was often built near the apparatus.

The Saint and TPO will come with 4 scenarios for the Riviera Line in the Fifties : Exeter to Kingswear route. The first is an introduction to the TPO and all of them feature some use of the exchange apparatus.
Our plan is to also create a Marketplace add-on which will feature the Saint in BR livery and also the TPO in BR maroon and the much requested BR blue livery.

Finally for the technically minded, the TPO apparatus can be placed in any scenario and configured to receive 0 to 4 mail bags and allow collection of 0 to 3 mail bags. It is placed with 4 track links (like a signal) and aligned with the expected player consist using markers on the TPO coach and the line side apparatus. There is also a non-working version with the net retracted and the standards empty and facing the rear which can be placed as static scenery. The loco is an integral part of the operation and is therefore required to have some scripting and controls to tell the coach where the apparatus is and we have created a simple add-on script and set of controls that can be added to any TS loco to make it fully compatible with the TPO exchange. You can use ANY TS stock in the consist and the coach will still work correctly if the leading loco is set up for it. We've already created a small .rwp file (just 182k) which adds this compatibility to all of the tender locos that come with the Exeter Kingswear 1950's route which we will distribute for free when the time comes.
The manual will include a full explanation of how to set up the apparatus to perform the exchanges in your own scenarios.


  1. Has it got the water scoop feature?

    1. Of course!
      We developed the water scoop code for DTG so we've included it since then - the Peppercorn K1 has it as well.

  2. i dont know how to get the Riviera Line in the Fifties for train simulator 2015. because it says i already own the game

    1. We have never had to do it, however it is discussed here about buying it as a gift and using it yourself
      Please do not take this as an endorsement for this method; as I say, we've never tried it

  3. Are there going to be any videos showing off the TPO coast in action?

  4. Brilliant work - and great to hear that you are making the TPO feature usable on any loco - just a pity that the water scoop function was not made similarly flexible - is there any chance of an any-loco add-on for that?