Monday, 23 January 2017

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: A1 Cab

Before we begin today we wanted to address a question that is being asked on an almost daily basis...
"Are you doing X named Terrier?"
To which we've been replying - READ THE LAST BLOG POST! We're not sure if people only look at the pictures (in which case typing this is probably pointless!) however the last blog post covered how the naming is going to work.
To summarise, you can have ANY name (5 to 11 characters) and number (2 digits) that you want. We'll be including files to show the names and numbers of ALL of the original Terriers however you can name the engines ANYTHING you want to.
Thank you for reading.

Ok, now we've got that off our chest...

Today we're taking a first look inside the cab of the A1 Terrier as originally built. A very spartan and clean appearance compared to later locomotives and even compared to the A1X variant which we'll be looking at soon.

Looking towards the driver position

And looking to the fireman's side

Even the backhead has a minimal number of controls, clearly lacking any kind of steam injector taps as these engines used a condenser to pre-heat the water and pumps to push it into the boiler.

The rear of the cab just has a handbrake and the coaling door (which uses notches in the back wall to hold it open), with the cylinder cocks lever on the driver's seat.

The large windows give a really good view ahead and you can clearly see one of the water taps (bottom left of the picture) which allows the water into the pump. These are locked in place using a wing nut.

Finally the driver and fireman head out views which still allow full use of all of the cab controls.

That's it for today. On Friday we'll be taking a look at the A1X version of the Terrier and its modernisations and modifications.


  1. Excellence in itself! Would there be unfitted coaches to go with the A1's? I'm only asking this because I can't find such anywhere, third party or otherwise

    1. There will be some appropriate stock but it will be modelled as fitted