Friday, 3 February 2017

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: A1X Cab

Having looked last week at the external changes made to the rebuilt A1X Terriers, this week we're looking inside the cab to see how that changed.
And we find that just as with the clean design of the original A1 the inside became just as messy and jumbled as the outside!

The most obvious change is the vacuum brake pedestal placed in front of the driver. This connects directly to the vacuum exhaust pipe outside on the left hand side of engine. The steam intake pipe is routed from the right hand side across the front of the cab, weaving its way between the dials.

Looking to the other side we can see that the pressure gauge that was against the right hand wall has been moved (the wooden mounting plate can still be seen, painted over in the same colour as the walls) and a hydrostatic lubricator put in its place. Interestingly the steam feed for this enters the cab through the hole that was originally used for a tap controlling the condensor, now no longer required due to the fitting of injectors. Above the lubricator is the gauge for the coaches steam heating.

An extra control has been added to the backhead for the steam powered sander, which replaces the A1's gravity fed system. Also seen here is the air brake duplex gauge which was moved from the left hand wall due to the placement of the vacuum brake controls.The engine is air braked separately from the vacuum train brake and in Advanced mode you will need to use the appropriate brake to slow down.

The drivers view from the front window (you may notice that we've improved the glass texture since last week and this has been applied to the A1 as well). The steam injector taps are clearly visible above the backhead either side of the whistle pull. The water for the injectors is still controlled from the old water taps either side, however due to the location of the vacuum brake pedestal the driver's side one is quite tricky to get to in real life and having to open it and screw the nut that holds it in place while not burning your hands on the pipes is apparently something of a challenge!
The dual vacuum gauge is a new addition as well.

The view forwards from the fireman's side.

And as with the A1 cab, headout views with working controls are provided...

... for both sides.

So that wraps things up for the driving positions.
Next week we'll be looking at the many optional components that will allow the creation of dozens of different Terrier appearances - and that's before we even get to any more liveries.

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  1. Can't express enough how much I'm looking forward for the release of this! My utmost favourite class and you've made it spot on!