Friday, 25 May 2018

GWR County (1000 Class): Parcels Vans

Apologies for the recent silence but we are still waiting on DTG to finish testing the GWR County pack. However we wanted to show off the included rolling stock in the hope that it won't be too much longer until you can get your hands on the whole package.

So without further ado let's talk parcels.
Back when the post was the main communication system for businesses and people alike the railways had services that would collect and deliver to and from every corner of the country. Parcels and letters were delivered with surprising speed and efficiency, a speed the railways had actually introduced - previously communications could take weeks or even months to travel from one end of the country to the other.
Some services were included as a part of passenger trains, others were exclusively made up of rolling stock designed for carrying parcels, but the key to the rapid transit was that all parcels trains were fully fitted with vacuum brakes so that they could run at the maximum allowed line speeds.

We have thought for a while that Train Simulator was lacking some specific parcels vans and the County has given us the opportunity to include two of these to enrich the already available stock and to create some really fun, high speed runs in the included scenarios.

Firstly we have the GWR P.14 "Python" van.
Built at the start of the 20th century these 4 wheeled vans were 18' long and as high as the loading gauge would allow to provide the maximum space for loading. Two liveries are supplied and they come with parcel loads, dynamic lamps, animated brakes and animated doors at station stops.

The second parcels van is a monster.. literally!
Built in 1913 the P.18 van was named "Monster", being carried on two 9ft bogies its almost 50' body could carry up to 10 tons of parcels and continued being used right through to British Railways ownership. Three liveries are supplied and as with the P.14 they come with parcel loads, dynamic lamps, animated brakes and animated doors at station stops.

That's it for now. We'll post a summary of the features and details as soon as we know when the County pack is going to be released and then we can address the much asked question... "what's next?"

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