Friday, 8 June 2018

GWR County (1000 Class): Features and Contents

With the release of the County fast approaching we thought we would provide a features and contents list so you know exactly what to expect from our latest DLC.

Taken from the manual..

  • Simple, standard and advanced driving modes
  • Xbox controller support SIMPLE AND STANDARD MODES ONLY

  • GWR 1000 County Class Locomotive
    • No. 1000 – 280 psi, double chimney
      • GWR Green (2 logos)
      • BR Mixed Traffic Black (2 logos)
      • BR Lined Green (1 logo)
    • No. 1000 – 250 psi, double chimney
      • BR Lined Green (1 logo)
    • Nos 1001-1029 – 280 psi, single chimney
      • GWR Green (2 logos)
      • BR Mixed Traffic Black (2 logos)
      • BR Lined Green (2 logos)
    • No’s 1001-1029 – 250 psi, double chimney
      • BR Lined Green (1 logo)
    • No. 1009 – 250 psi, sheet steel test chimney
      • BR Mixed Traffic Black (1 logo)
        • With test cabin

  • 4 named service headboards and customisable reporting numbers for all engines
  • New 3D effect numbering and name plates (GWR and BR) [Example]
  • Optional parts and fittings including painted or polished safety valve covers, 3 styles of chimney, lining, power discs and speedometer
  • Custom sound sets inside and out
  • Realistic cab with multiple views, including dual head out and fully modelled firebox and coal
  • Realistic wheel slip physics and effects ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Simulated steam chest ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Realistic train pipe and reservoir vacuum braking ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Cylinder cock management  ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Boiler management with priming possible ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Realistic injector control ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Realistic “by the shovel” stoking with synchronised sound ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Dynamic steam and smoke colour and quantity
  • Realistic boiler water gauges effected by gradient, acceleration and speed and with blow down test
  • Opening windows (with rain effects) and roof hatch
  • Dynamic lamp setting
  • Cab light effects including firebox glow and water gauge lamp
  • Second valve regulator effects ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Atmospheric AI effects
  • Fully compatible with the TPO coaches included with the GWR Saint add-on

  • Rolling stock
    • GWR P.18 “Monster” Van
      • GWR Brown
      • BR Bauxite
      • BR Blue
      • Dynamic lamps, animated brakes and unloading doors
    • GWR P.14 “Python” Van
      • GWR Brown
      • BR Bauxite
      • Dynamic lamps, animated brakes and unloading doors

The County pack should be released soon and then we will announce our plans for more quality Train Simulator add-ons.


  1. Can't wait for the county!

    Say, have you ever thought of an engine that has an interchangeable road name? It would open up some opportunities for fictional railway companies

    1. Thank you :-)
      We did dynamic names for the Terriers however it's not always easy to make it look correct with spacing etc. when you do dynamic naming and it is definitely not possible with the new 3D effect GWR lettering/numbering that we've used on the County.

  2. Been a pleasure to have been a part of this.

    Many thanks


  3. I'm going to buy this for sure. Maybe do the GWR county (3800) class next

  4. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Great Western locomotives, and I think you should move on to other regions. However, if you do plan to continue building more GWR stuff, please build the 4700 class

  5. It's released today. I got it and I like it alot. Thank you for all the amazing add one so far. Next you should do more tank engines, I would love to see your next locomotive