Monday, 24 March 2014

Bulleid Q1: BR in colour

As promised, here are a couple of pictures of the "clean" BR version of the Q1.

Firstly 33029, pulling an early logo BR tender, is fitted with a mechanical lubricator, AWS and with overhead warning flashes on the front sandboxes and also (unseen in this picture) on the rear of the tender next to the ladder.
All of the options for the locos are set up "out of the box" for each number, however if you want to have a set up of your own then it can be easily changed using the loco number in any scenario they are placed in.
The warning flashes are automatically set on the tender if the loco attached to them has them, so everything can be set from the loco itself.

 Secondly we have a picture of 33024, with a late crest BR logo on it's tender, leaving the yard ready for some heavy freight duties. Unlike 33029, this loco is very bare bones and has no AWS and a hydrostatic lubricator - it doesn't even have cab windows!

In a day or 2 we'll move onto pictures of some filth.. I'm talking dirty steam locos of course!

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