Monday, 3 March 2014

Bulleid Q1: Need a cab?

The cab is modelled, and to borrow a quote from Neo in the Matrix - "I need pipes.. lots of pipes!"

This picture shows the version with AWS, mechanical lubricator/s, windows and side protectors.  The hydrostatic lubricator also needs to be built and "plumbed in".

I've also returned to the wheel slip script this morning and after some time away and a fresh set of  eyes have made another significant step with incorporating it with the steam chest script. I won't list the technical stuff but the upshot of it is that after some trial and error with driving I found the best way to get moving is to pump the regulator. Which is a bit of luck, as that's how the real things work!

I can't wait to get the loco model finished, unwrapped and textured so I can make a video to show it in action!

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