Friday, 4 April 2014

Bulleid Q1: In the Cab

Some textured cab pictures today. As usual, click for the full size versions.

The AWS indicator can be seen between the brake and boiler pressure gauges

with the buzzer and bell mounted on the roof above

Note the unusual steam reverser lever in the bottom left of the picture, a "fly by wire" reverser control rather than the usual direct mechanical linkage. In fact as it uses steam I guess it's "fly by pipe" really!

It's been bothering me that the fire glow has been static on previous locomotives so this time around I've taken some time to get a nice subtle flicker that hopefully doesn't distract but creates more of a fire effect in the cab. As with all my locos the coal door is used as the control for stoking and the tender also features a working handbrake, water shut off's and opening upper doors to the coal bunker.

And that's about it for the moment, next time I'll add some pictures of the accompanying stock..

.. although the keen eyed amongst you may spot another new feature that can be seen in the above pictures if you look hard enough.

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