Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bulleid Q1: Stock, Part 1

I hope everyone had a great Easter and got to do a bit of relaxing. I had some fun time with the family - including a terrific trip to see Thomas at the Mid Hants Railway where the kids had almost as much fun as Dad  :-)

I'm pleased to say that the Q1 is now in beta testing with final tweaks and fixes taking place, so it's just left to show some pictures of the accompanying stock over the next few days as I prepare the final details of the next project.

The Q1's were built in 1942 to provide much needed motive power for all of the additional freight movement that was required during war time. The scenarios that come with the Q1 span the era from 1942 up until "the end" in 1963 and so some appropriate war time stock was required, as well as some Southern region freight.

Below is a 3D render of a 12" howitzer railway gun. These were originally built for WW1 but were  used again for air-defence purposes in WW2.

Also a Southern Railway Warwell - a well shaped wagon designed to carry armoured vehicles, built by most of the rail companies - carrying a British Cromwell Mk5 tank.

Later in the week I'll add some pictures of these in game, along with the other stock.


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  2. They look great i wondered why there were tanks as the stock, but then the Q1's were a pre-war design right?

    1. Not so much pre-war as during.
      The Q1's were built in 1942 because the Southern region had so much freight that needed moving due to the war. This also influenced the "bare bones" design of them to save on resources.