Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bulleid Q1: Stock, Part 2

Last time I showed some of the stock coming with the Q1, and now it's time for the rest.
This time it's a little less war based, and a bit more furniture and wood related.

First of all are Southern conflats with 5 different Southern Region marked containers.

And what's better than 1 conflat.. well 2 of course!
Rather than being 2 conflats just coupled together these are actually articulated in pairs and designed to carry much longer loads. They have a rotating bracket on each to hold the load which also pivot and keep the load straight when the wagons are on a curve.

The dual conflats come with a tree trunk load, a large stack of planks as well as an empty set.

And just in case you thought I'd forgotten about the Q1's being conceived in war time, they also come with loads for a large gun barrel and a Spitfire frame.

Next time will hopefully have a video, and then it'll be time to start teasing about the next loco.. which is already well under-way  ;-)

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