Tuesday, 7 July 2015

BR (LNER) Peppercorn K1: Rolling Stock, Part 1

It's time to start looking at the rolling stock that will be coming with the Peppercorn K1.

We thought we'd outdone ourselves with the stock that came with the GWR Small Prairies add-on but this time we just kept adding as we did more research.
Aimed at creating some really fun scenarios for the Weardale and Teesdale Railway route from Dovetail Games the stock is also at home in many areas of the ex-LNER network in it's British Railways days.

Today we begin with the humble plank wagon.
When British Railways took over the Big Four rail groups (GWR, Southern, LNER and LMS) they inherited millions of wood sided wagons that had been used for many years for moving coal and other minerals. Many of these wagons were "private owner" wagons, meaning that they were owned not by the railway groups but by individual companies and were emblazoned with their logos and advertising their company names.
British Railways continued to use many of these wagons, however giving them a smart repaint was not an option. Many of them were quickly splashed with grey paint. A lot of them were left in their old private owner liveries with just BR information plates added and the old colours were just left to fade.

Firstly we present the 5 plank ex-private owner wagon, hurriedly painted in that BR grey, and with optional loads of coal, stone and limestone.

Also the more common 7 plank version, also with the 3 load types.

And then a selection of these wagons that didn't find their way under the paint brush but had BR marker plates added and were pushed straight into service.

Next time we'll reveal what makes all of these a little more special than your average wagon ;-)


  1. Nice to see you producing rolling stock, looking forwards to these.

    Pat (PDEEE)

  2. Lovely stuff! Thinking of the LNER/BR NE Area I really would like to see the very numerous LNER/BR 21t hopper (DTG only gave us the 1970's modernized version which does not fit very well with a route set in the steam/transition era....) and the LNER/NER 20T wood sided hopper with very characteristic sloping sides...