Friday, 10 July 2015

BR (LNER) Peppercorn K1: Rolling Stock, Part 2

Last time we looked at the ex-private owner wagons that are coming with the Peppercorn K1 add-on.

This time we wanted to reveal some of the extra features that even these humble wagons have received.

Firstly, we have 2 wheel types on every wagon. Solid wheels (with 3 holes) and spoked wheels.
The type of wheel can be set using the wagon number but there is an included number list of many hundreds which has a variety so placing down a few of them will give a mix of wheel types.

Another feature is that the sides of the wagons are not mirrored and in some cases we've gone out of our way to make the textures quite different. A common feature of these type of wagons was them having had a plank or 2 replaced due to damage, thereby leaving a gap in the old livery and a different coloured plank. By having sides that are not mirrored you can flip the direction of some of the wagons in your consists and have a slightly different look rather than lots of clones.

Finally a new feature that we think is rather neat.
Can you see it? Do those handbrakes look like they're on?
Indeed, all of the rolling stock that comes with the K1 has animated handbrakes and an accompanying clunk sound - so we highly recommend applying the handbrakes before you drop off the wagons when you're performing shunting duties.

Next time we'll look at all of the other stock that's going to be included.


  1. Wow, I'm so getting this when it's released!! You guys go above & beyond as always!!

    So any hints on what route the scenarios will take place??

    1. No need for a hint, the scenarios will be on the amazing Wear Valley Railway. In fact it's such a great route it's been hard to reduce the number of ideas to something achievable! I think we've finally settled on 8!