Friday, 2 October 2015

Future DLC Announcement and a Poll

So the time has come to announce our intentions for next year.
The USATC S160 will be the next release, but after that we will be starting on a new schedule of building, which currently looks like this:

GWR Saint 4-6-0 with working TPO (Travelling Post Office)

If it all goes to plan, you will be able to pick up and drop off mail just like this!

LNER J21 0-6-0

GWR 42xx 2-8-0T

LB&SCR A1 Terrier 0-6-0T

Obviously situations can change but this is the DLC that we hope to produce over the next year.

We would also appreciate your feedback at this time on how we publish DLC in the future.
Lately we have been thinking over the ups and downs of using DTG/Steam and would appreciate feedback from customers on how you would like to buy from us going forwards.

It really boils down to continuing to use Steam or to change to being able to buy directly (either from us or from an established DLC provider).

The advantages of Steam are:
Purchases and re-downloading are integrated with Train Simulator
DLC can be included in Workshop scenarios

The advantages of direct purchase are:
Much shorter QA times (releases could be up to 6 weeks sooner than they are currently)
No restriction on scenario types (Steam DLC is only allowed to come with career scenarios and only for 1 route which must also be on Steam)
Updates and fixes can be made and sent out within days rather than months (or at all!), as can additions and improvements
Joining forces with another DLC provider has the potential to create even better products

So with that in mind, if you would like to fill out this simple poll we would really appreciate it, thank you
[This poll is now closed - thank you for your responses]


  1. All of the above I would say :) no but seriously all are interesting subjects. For now I would prefer the Saint with working TPO.

  2. I want the GWR Saints with Working TPO. Its a very special consist feature.

  3. So pleased to see a J21, it's perfect for Stainmore.

    The TPO will be a hit I'm sure, and a Saint is a lovely choice of loco to go with it.


  4. Super line up Pete. Looking forward to them all. Would have loved to have seen an Adams 02 tank or Drummond T9 in the list but never the less it still looks a great line up. Keep up the great work.

  5. Wow, stop getting me so excited! Seriously though, really looking forward to seeing these in the sim, especially the 42xx - been waiting for one for ages. Really enjoying the K1 so far, great job Pete!

  6. still no dukedogs :( i think Victory Works doesn't like us Welsh ;) (jokes)

    1. I'd love to see the Dukedog done by Victory Works. My favourite 4-4-0 closely followed by the City.

  7. Brillant!!! been waiting for an A1 done to modern standards for Ages!! nothing against the freeware version but it is getting somewhat long in the tooth

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  9. When will the Star class be released when done?

  10. Ever considered a Beattie Well Tank? And you mentioned 1501 ealier in the year on a previous comment? Any chance that's gonna roll around soon?? :P

    Great line up though - excited for the 42xx and J21!!!

  11. Replies
    1. A bit early to say, but we do like to provide as much value as we can so we'll certainly look to include them

  12. A TPO is fabulous. It's as if you read my mind, I was just saying we need a GWR TPO in TS.