Friday, 9 October 2015

USATC S160: Tender, part 2

Last time looking at the S160 we saw the start of the tender model and this time we complete it with the cab facing. And like everything on the S160, it's all about the options!

So here we see the original S160 tender design with 5 planks to hold back the almost 8 ton mound of coal. Also seen on the left hand side is the chain operated handbrake - which wasn't originally fitted to the first few members shipped to the UK but was requested to be fitted after a few incidents of locomotives rolling away when on shed!

Later some of the tenders had the top plank removed and a hood fitted to try and stop rain and coal from entering the cab when running the locomotive tender first. Also some were fitted with a bar for the handbrake rather than a wheel.

The tenders that originally came without handbrakes (and some that did!) often had UK style handbrake columns added as can be seen here. There are also 2 other options in this image; the Soviets and Poles decided that the near 8 tons of coal wasn't sufficient and so they often added 2 layers of planking to increase the height that the coal could be loaded to. We've also seen images of Polish tenders where they have added 2 rods either side of the tender allowing them to open the rear water filling hatches without having to leave the cab - very inventive!

Finally a post-war rebuilt tender face where the works crew have really gone to town. A facing has been created with a coal chute and doors, the handbrake wheel has been moved to accommodate this and a storage cupboard has been added for those all important tools... and lunch and tea cans!

The options for the tenders will not be limited to the images shown above but will be a pick-and-mix style where you can choose how you want the tender to be set up, obviously with limits on compatible parts.

The next task on the list is to create all of the different styles of lights and lamps, so that should be illuminating!
*groan* I know, sorry :-)


  1. Wow, impressive!

    The USATC-S160 is not really an engine that inspires me as such, but with impressive array of options, it's really like a lego kit to play with... Might still get it after all! ;-)

    Curious for which route you will add scenarios but I understand that it's probably a bit too early yet to think of that question, heh! :-)

  2. Will we be getting a version with US Janney Couplers and air brakes?

    1. You sure will