Friday, 4 November 2016

GWR 4200/5205 and GWR 7200 Out Now!

We are delighted to announce that the GWR 4200/5205...

..and the GWR 7200 add-on for them are now available from Steam Sounds Supreme

Some early model renders

Details on Steam Sounds Supreme page as to what is included (it's a lot!)

Videos showing the loco in action as well as liveries and a specific video on the custom sounds

This is our most feature packed locomotive to date with great realism details including improved "by the shovel" stoking and brand new second valve regulator effects as well as all the usual effects you expect from us and some all new AI behaviour as well. The sounds from Steam Sounds Supreme are superb, recorded from members of the actual class running in preservation and to top it all off a list of period freight stock is included for working these beasts as hard as possible.
  • 7 plank Private Owner wagons with Coal or Pit Prop loads 
    • 10 liveries from South Wales companies 1 livery from Cornish company
  • 5 plank Private Owner wagon Limestone
    • 1 livery from South Wales company
  • Tar Wagon
    • Liveries from Bristol and Plymouth companies
  • GWR 65t Crocodile H
    • Trolley Empty and Cable loads
  • BR 65t Weltrol H
    • Trolley Empty and Cable load
  • GWR 20 ton coal wagon, diagram N2
    • 2 GWR liveries and 1 BR livery
  • GWR 20t Toad brake van
    • GWR and BR liveries

The 7200 also includes 2 bonus loads for the Crocodile and Weltrol trolleys; new and used Swindon boilers.

Buy them both now over at Steam Sounds Supreme 

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  1. I'm not a steam type but I just take it. Great locos!