Friday, 25 November 2016

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: Build Part 3, Options

Last week we looked at the completed outer model for the A1 and A1X variants of the Terrier. This week we show some of the modifications and options that will be included with the pack.

We start with bunkers. The only real failing in the design of  the the Terrier was it's very limited coal capacity. As seen below the original bunker could just about carry a 1/2 ton of coal.

Various modifications were made over the years to increase this capacity up to 3/4 ton or even 1 ton in some cases.
The simplest was a set of bars above the existing bunker to allow the coal to be stacked much higher. All of the bunkers that were extended upwards to allow a higher stack of coal also required the adding of bars over the rear windows to stop them being smashed by wayward coal lumps.
Open bars were used..

.. but with smaller coal lumps often falling out of those, the enclosed bars become popular.

The K&ESR chose to extend the bunker upwards to add extra capacity..

.. but even that wasn't enough and bars were added to that as well.

The IOW Terriers were given the largest capacity by removing the rear toolbox and extending the bunker back as far as the buffers.

All of these bunkers will be available for the Terriers and the following will also be included as options or replacement parts:
Front steps (fitted to some Isle of Wight - IOW - engines)
Lubricator oil boxes on tank fronts
Handles on tank fronts
4 different types of chimney with optional spark arrestors
Stroudley, Marsh and Drummond domes
Toolbox in front of dome
Original whistle and IOW hooter
Brighton or IOW front splashers (A1X)
Extra wheel weights (IOW engines)

All of these (along with the liveries) should allow you to create hundreds of different arrangements as used on the 50 Terriers throughout their long lives.

Below is an example of an Isle of  Wight set up which uses the following modifications:
Front steps, IOW cast chimney, IOW front splashers, tank front lubricator oil boxes and handles, IOW hooter and IOW rearwards extended bunker.

It is worth comparing it to the "default" A1X in the final picture in the previous blog post

Next time we'll take a look inside the cab of the A1 and A1X versions and see how they changed over the years.


  1. Amazing to see the amount of extra variations that will be available in this model, as well as has been done in the previous locos from this company. This is a must for me.

  2. Awesome job! Any where it's going to be released?

    1. When it's done :-)
      Seriously, we hope it will be early next year

  3. Wow it's so good to see the terriers are gonna be on ts. I can't wait :-)