Friday, 12 May 2017

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: Later Years Pack, Livery 2

The second entry for this pack is one of the most requested liveries, although to those who are unaware of it it may be the most surprising. Less surprisingly, it's one of favourites!

Last week we looked at the two Terriers of the Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway. Upon it's closure in 1940 the WC&PR line and all of its stock were taken over by the Great Western Railway and No. 2 and No. 4 were no exception.

Both engines were initially allocated to St Philip's Marsh and were used for shunting and harbour duties. Painted in GWR livery, with No. 2 "Portishead" becoming No. 5 (and retaining it's name and nameplate) and No. 4 becoming No. 6, both fitted with the standard GWR cab side numberplate with just a single digit.

In 1941 both engines were used to shunt at Portishead power station and also the US Army depot at Wapley Common.
In 1943 No. 6 was used to remove track from the old WC&PR and was then sent to Nottingham but being rarely used it was sent back to Bristol and was finally scrapped in 1948.
No 5. "Portishead" survived through 1948 and became a part of British Railways and in 1950, still in GWR livery, she did a short time as a shed pilot at Newton Abbot before being put into storage at Swindon. Unfortunately attempts to preserve her failed and in March 1954 she was broken up.

Although we don't think either engine ran as an A1 under the GWR we've still created these versions for the sake of completeness.

Next week.. more Terriers!

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  1. Hmm will be be seeing KESR Blue and KESR Green next? or maybe the Malachite liverys?