Friday, 26 May 2017

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: Later Years Pack, Livery 4

Probably the second most requested livery for the Terriers (after the original Stroudley "Green") is the standard British Railways Mixed Traffic Black.

14 of the 50 Terriers built were still in use and were transferred to BR in 1948. They carried on working hard even though they were over 70 years old and continued their old Southern Railway duties on the Isle of Wight railway and the Hayling Island branch line.

A single A1 variant made it into BR service, No. 54 "Waddon". In 1962 this engine was later preserved and shipped to the Delson Museum in Canada where it remains to this day.

13 A1X Terriers became part of BR, carrying the "Cycling Lion" emblem.

And 10 of these were still working in 1956 when BR changed to the "Ferret and dartboard" design.

Common to engines under British Railways they were given little care or cosmetic attention, especially towards the end of steam, and so we have provided both A1 and A1X in a very worn condition, again with the option of both emblems.

As with every A1X Terrier you can select any of the optional parts, all textured to match, and above you can see some different bunkers, chimneys, an optional toolbox on the top of the boiler and also the spark arrestor which was used on the Hayling Island branch to protect the wooden bridge.

We have one more livery to reveal for this pack next week and we hope to have a release date for it soon as well.


  1. A quick question...will we be able to have or assemble Terriers as they may be preserved today? e.g. Stepney has a copper capped chimney.

  2. With all these liveries and options you are really spoiling us!

  3. Fantastic News LBSCR LSWR SE&CR K&ESR SR and Future BR liveries, Your Full of surprises. Looking forward to it being released.

  4. have to make a slight correction on your "history."
    I looked up the Canadian museum you mentioned, and even the official site has no documents of British locomotives other than Dominion of Canada.

    1. Well they do have it, so your correction is incorrect.
      Their website is a total mess but you can get to this page if you're persistent

      Also a good discussion about it here

  5. when are you releasing the pack?

    1. It's in the hands of Steam Sounds Supreme as to when it releases I'm afraid. They have had it for a while.