Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Coming soon... GWR Steam Railmotor

The basic idea of the steam railmotor was to mount the boiler of a steam locomotive vertically directly over the driving bogie of a coach. It's a design far ahead of it's time and although they didn't last long - being replaced by the tank engine/auto-coach combination - they're one of those stepping stones that has a very large dose of charm.It also has a remote driving cab for a steam locomotive which created all manor of hurdles to overcome, unique ideas for driver/fireman communication and in the simulator (when driven in Advanced mode) is like having two totally different - and involving - driving experiences in the same loco.

If you don't choose to drive it in advanced mode (and you really should to experience the fun of driving from the rear cab) it's still a very pretty locomotive, and fits on at least 3 official DLC routes (West Somerset Railway, Falmouth, Memories of Maerdy - the last two in an earlier era) not to mention those on Workshop or available from independent sites.
It will come with 5 scenarios for the West Somerset Railway, the first of which is a rather unique test run.

The next blog post will have pictures of the interior of both cabs, and a full feature list so stay tuned..