Friday, 3 January 2014

So, here I am!

Well, this is my internet home.. I figured I should probably have one now!

It'll become the place to see work in progress pictures, read about ideas of upcoming releases and perhaps I may witter on about other things that interest me - most likely with a railway and/or simulation theme.

So hello to anyone reading this and thanks for dropping by.. there is certainly lots to come in 2014 but let's kick off with an image of the 56xx Add On which has been made available on Steam again since November and comes with a bunch of freight stock, 5 scenarios for the J94 Memories of Maerdy add on as well as a full Quick Drive set up.

The 56xx was the first steam locomotive released for Railworks (the previous name of Train Simulator 2012/13/14..) with an attempt at creating a realistic experience and was then updated with TSX textures and rain effects, and most recently with an optional advanced driving mode for those who prefer to drive with less work to do.

From the Steam description:
The 56xx Class is available in three control modes and a variety of liveries, including Great Western Railway ‘Shirt Button’ and large logo variants, and pre and post 1956 British Rail liveries. The main features of the locomotive include cylinder cocks with prototypical operation and dynamic cylinder cock steam, ejector operated brake vacuum creation including leakage management, feathered safety valves, dynamic smoke effects, notched reverser, operational reverser locking lever, steam leak effects when stationary, mason's valve and steam heating valve affect the heating system pressure gauge, custom head code lamps which can be set from the cab, operational water tank gauge, dual chime whistle with working in-cab chains and external steam blasts, plus operable front and rear windows, doors, seats and roof and window panels.

Although still a great drive, and I'm delighted to say much loved by many who own it, things have moved on with the simulator and add ons and I intend to continue developing to the highest quality and to continue to push the possibilities of realism.

The next release will be the GWR Steam Railmotor - pictures and feature details to follow in the next week or two.

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