Friday, 10 January 2014

GWR Steam Railmotor... or Steam Punk Time Machine?

Steam Punk Time Machine?? Odd words, but read on.. it's maybe not as crazy as it first seems.

Anyway, the awaited feature list is as follows:
  • Unique style of steam locomotive provides unique driving challenges
  • Simple, standard and advanced driving modes
  • Xbox controller support SIMPLE AND STANDARD MODES ONLY
  • Two completely different driving cabs STANDARD AND ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Simulated steam chest ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Cylinder cock management when driving from the front cab ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Boiler management with priming possible ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Notched reverser (front cab) and regulator (rear cab) ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Animated valve gear with two forward and two reverse positions
  • Dynamic steam and smoke colour and quantity
  • Dynamic driver location based on direction of travel
  • Opening cab doors, windows and roof hatch
  • “Hand operated” window wipers ADVANCED MODE ONLY
  • Lighting throughout the carriage and additional firebox effects
  • Custom sound sets for each driving cab
  • Dynamic destination boards can be set to any location via scenario locomotive number (up to 12 characters)
  • Selectable passengers wearing modern or period outfits (via scenario locomotive number)
  • Refuelling via coal sacks and water hose (included and available to add to scenarios)
  • Ground platform support with animated steps using special scenario marker – requires ground level platforms to be added/included with route
  • Power bogie test rig as a standalone, drivable locomotive with all control animations and drive motion visible from external and driving views
And as promised a view of both the cabs, the first image is standing with your back to the internal coal bunker and front windows looking at the boiler.. and yes, all the controls are attached to it.
Oh, and if you were wondering if that means that the controls, which are attached to the boiler, which is attached to the bogie, move when you go around a corner then that's also a yes!

The rear cab (or vestibule) is somewhat more Spartan, and a lot less hot and dirty. Here you can see the regulator with it's locking control, the vacuum brake lever with gauge, whistle chain, hand operated windscreen wiper and your lifeline to the fireman, the bell.

 Oh, and on that last feature item of the drivable test rig...

.. see, it's a Steam Punk Time Machine!
And although it looks insane, that is actually how the dedicated team who restored GWR Railmotor No. 93 actually tested their power bogie before installing it! [Video]
Soon you'll be able to do the same.

The next post will include details of the ground platforms and I'll follow that with a "how to" on driving in advanced mode from the rear cab, a long way from your faithful fireman (not the auto fireman, this guy is much cleverer!)


  1. If we get it to 88mph does it disappear and leave a fire trail behind? It looks amazing and I can not wait to drive it. Its definitly going to be one of the most advanced locos we have!

  2. An amazing feature set and an amazing piece of kit. It is actually a good thing that RSC is a swelling business that needs to keep financially rolling. It leaves a huge heritage gap for many producers that they simply will not fill and the variety and competition that brings only benefits us, the end user, with the products available. I've been trying to get my Dad into the sim and I think I just may be able to convince him to purchase this so he can learn to drive it properly. All the best with your future ventures Pete, this really is top draw stuff!

  3. I think it looks awesome, it will even look interesting on the Cajun Pass.

  4. Seen as you have implemented something similar with the railmotor, would it be possible to do a 14xx tank and auto coach? Loving the Railmotor, can't wait!

    1. Similar.. but not the same.
      The railmotor is still all one unit, the autocoach and engine are separate but some controls are passed between them.

      But that doesn't mean no.. it just means, it needs a lot of investigation and testing to see what can be achieved. So eyes to the horizon, if there's something that adds more realism and makes driving feel like a real experience then be sure it's somewhere on my radar ;-)

    2. I see your problem. Thanks for the reply.