Friday, 18 September 2015

USATC S160: Snow and Electricity

Continuing on from last time, we have a few more options to show today.

First of all, the Alaska Railroad's variant which due to their inclement weather has a dirty great snow plough on the front. Also seen on this is the alternative location for the brake air compressor, mounted on the front plate rather than on the front of the smokebox.

Originally the S160's were not fitted with any kind of electrical equipment (and therefore no need for a generator) however these were added to many of them at the end of, or after, the war.
And just to make it fun for digital modellers in the future, the countries and localities all used different types and mounted them in different places!
We can't produce all of them, but here are half a dozen of the more common types/locations that will be available...

Top left of the firebox

In front of the chimney.

Behind the chimney (also seen here is the US specific option for a bell, and a taller chimney design).

Twin generators in front of the manifold (again a US bell can be seen, this time behind the sand box, and also an alternate whistle).
Note: We did forget to activate one of the 3 available types of safety valves when rendering this image *blush*

On the left hand running board, almost alongside the smokebox.

And finally on the right hand running board just in front of the cab.

We're not finished with options yet but it's about time to start something a little larger, so next time we hope to be able to show some images of the tender in progress.

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