Friday, 25 September 2015

USATC S160: Tender

We're a bit short on time this week for long explanations, but the WIP images speak for themselves really as we have started to build the tender base model - as with the loco, there are quite a few variations of tender components and modifications.


Creating the basic shape

Top starts to come together - despite looking quite simple it was surprisingly hard to model correctly

Adding detailing to the water lids and the tool box

Brackets, handles and the ladder. As with the loco there will be 3 coupling types and vacuum or air hoses, shown here are the air hoses with a USSR Wilson coupling

Front view

Work will continue with the tender, detailing the front end and creating the fittings and modifications.

Next week we are expecting the Peppercorn K1 to be released on Steam and on the Friday blog we plan to unveil our intended release line up for 2016!

In the meantime do take advantage of the sale prices on all of our existing DLC

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