Friday, 11 September 2015

USATC S160: So many options

This week we've been tidying up areas of the main model and starting to group parts together so we can create the many options needed to represent as many different countries as we can.

First up was the UK fitted vacuum brake with a standard hook.

Then we made the air brake system used by most every other country. To this we first added the US buckeye coupling components (the actual buckeye itself will be the standard TS model - hopefully with a retexture - so it will be compatible with existing US stock connections).

And finally we built the USSR Wilson coupling - which is also fully compatible with the later SA-3 coupling.

Next up is an optional wheel guard commonly used at the time in Europe, shown here with air brake pipes and a standard hook.

And then a USA style "cow catcher" wheel guard, shown here with air brakes, buckeye coupling gear and no buffers.

Finally a 3d Soviet Star as seen on USSR locomotives. Often the star was painted onto the smokebox door but some locomotives were lucky enough to receive cast versions.

Along with all of these parts we also made 5 different chimneys, 3 different whistles, an air brake cover, side window sun shades, a snow plough (as used by the Alaska Railroad) and 2 types of USA bells. And we're not done yet - not by a long way!
Suffice to say, we're hoping to cover as many options as we can so we can create as many authentic liveries as possible.


  1. Polish versions:
    - from UNRRA or captured:
    - from USATC:

    Here you got table with Polish wheel arragements:

    T means freight loco, r is a Polish notification for 2-8-0 wheel arrangement :)

    1. We are hoping to produce the Polish livery as well. In fact the wheel guard pictured above was built using reference images of a Tr201.

  2. And is the USSR version broad gauge too? ;-)

  3. What chimneys will be included? Does this mean that there will be one S160 with a Porta combustion chamber?

  4. Hello,
    Don't know if you were already planning on but if not could you consider making a Longmoor Military Railway Blue WD 93257 "Carl R Gray Jr" and/or WD 701 "Franklin D. Roosevelt" variant. Here are some links to pictures: