Tuesday, 28 March 2017

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: 9 Liveries in 9 Days, Day 1 - SE&CR Green

As announced yesterday the Terriers will be published by Steam Sounds Supreme as a Main Pack with 4 liveries, Mahogany coaches and 3 scenarios and to be released at the same time there will be an Add-on Pack with 9 additional liveries and 3 more scenarios. Pre-orders for these will be open from this Friday (31st March) with a nice saving and earlier access for those who get in before the release.

So far we have shown you the Improved Engine Green, Marsh Umber, Southern Olive and Southern Green liveries for the A1 and A1X engines and the options that give you dozens of unique set ups so that covers everything in the Main Pack.
However the Add-on Pack has been under wraps until now and we are going to show all 9 of the extra liveries over the next 9 weekdays!

So here we go with Day 1.. 

.. and back to 1904 when LB&SCR Terrier No. 54 "Waddon" was purchased by the South Eastern and Chatham Railway and became their No. 751. This engine is actually one of the 10 that still exist, preserved as a static exhibit at the Delson Museum in Montreal, Canada, back in its original Improved Engine Green livery.

Here we see the A1 version

And the A1X version. As always, all of the options we've shown before can be used with this livery and will match the colour scheme.

You also have the option with this livery (on the A1 and A1X versions) to remove the crest and just have the SE&CR lettering.

Come back tomorrow as we look at another Terrier livery from this bumper Add-on pack.


  1. Will there be another livery of SECR Slate gray?

  2. Is the Terrier going to be available on Steam, or will it only be available through Steam Sounds Supreme?

    1. It is too early for us to say however we have no desire to upset customers as other DLC producers have done by selling via a 3rd party and then putting the exact same (or even improved!) item on Steam at a later date.
      On saying that we know that some people prefer to only purchase via Steam and we have been asked for our Terriers to be made available.

      So to answer the question... we MAY put out a version on Steam later but if we do it will be a single route focused pack and will only have a small fraction of the content that the SSS packages will have with no additional liveries available.

  3. Will there only be one addon pack? or will there be seperate ones for different eras? i would personally like to see what a terrer would look like in BR Green or in a transisinal livery

    1. Well this one is called "The Early Years Addon", so we'll let you speculate if there might be another one later ;-)